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03-13-2012, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
The possible of the two Vor'cha builds, as I said, is one I have used. It can lay down a punishing ammount of firepower as it is, and is still substantially tougher than any escort I've flown. Throwing APO1 and CRF3 into the mix would tip it over the edge, the Qin Raptor would have no discernable advantage over it in any area, but be weaker substantially in shields and hull, also having a lot less firepower outside of the forward arc.

Sorry if I'm coming off as frustrated, but it is a little odd to have people say "that probably wouldn't work" or "that doesn't work" regarding things that actually work and have worked and been used.

Let me ask this, if the Qin Raptor suddenly had the same shields and hull as the Vor'cha, would that be balanced?
I'm not saying or trying to say that your builds dont work. Im just saying no matter what build you do your gonna have a weakness somewhere in it. Yeah you have a point as to you having more power upfront but its still not gonna turn like a raptor though maybe close while Omega is up but to get those you have to give up survivability somewhere so with the improved damage your losing something. See what i mean? In any case I just thought this would be a cool Idea even if the Ships were PVE only to help keep the balance. But until it could be tested fully I really just don't think there is a way to truely know how unbalanced it would be.

Frustration is common for me so no worries but again I sure that your builds work well for you otherwise you wouldnt use them or atleast I wouldnt think you'd use them.

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