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03-13-2012, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
I would recommend listening to some of the recent interviews with dStahl -- he mentions PvP quite often, and, as a PvP player, the news is pretty exciting.


Brandon =/\=
The thing is Brandon, we've heard this promise before. Over a year ago now in fact. New systems, pvp stuff, etc was posted, by a dev as 'in testing now.' What ever happened to that? As I recall the sticky about it got locked when people started asking questions in said sticky.

Its really hard to keep extending trust to a company that keeps promising and not delivering. I know some will say new owners, give them a chance, and so on...but you know what? Its still Cryptic. Its still their track record they have to live with, and until that record changes for the better, I'll stick with believing when I'm actually playing it, and not a moment before.

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