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First, sorry for the BAD spelling, Iīm swedish and itīs written in a hurry, secondly, As all of us, I totally love
the game, but as many feel we would like more stuff to do and more cuztimasation. Here is a few examples that I have to the game. If anyone have played Star Trek Klingon academy, Star Trek Starship creator, and the Sims, youīll know what iīm talking about. the oppertunitys are endless and the ideas out there!
Players that do not want more advanced gameplay donīt need to have it. It can be activated if playing on advanced or elite mode only maybe.

Ship custimazation: Goal: To increase the efficency of your ship.
I like the options we have today of slotting items and consoles to our ship. Maybe this can be buildt upon to the level we se in Star Trek Starship creator.
It would be fun to have an oppertunity to choose diffrent typed of departments or technology in our ships. For example:

Warp-cores: diffrent warpcores from mk1 to mk 12, that each have itīs own cuerk to enhance our speed and/or power levels and stability.
As a sub-juncture here you can install consoles that effect the powerlevels of your ship, or preformence of your ship in an engineering point of veiw.
Here you can make or spare parts for your ship to repair damage.
You can slot a device and have your dutyofficers install it and upgrade it to perform better. By trial and error
the department would function in diffrent ways.

Bussard Collectors: Depending of with type of nacelle configuration you chose to accomodate your warp-drive, be sure to fit the collectors. Good ones can help you went more plasma for a longer time, or pick up gases from nebulas and do a Riker manuver, as seen in Insurrection.

Matter/animatter storage:
Chose the containment vessels for your ship. How much fuel you need and in what type of containment.
Larger costs more, but you donīt suffer the risk of running low on deuterium wich would cause gray-mode and cut some power to your systems. When you dock, you fill up the tank so to speak.

Impulse engines: Slot consoles and equipment from engineering to enhance them further.

Thrusters: If you have a large cruiser or a small escort, you might find a need to boost the turnrate. Do this with your thrusters, both in their placement on your ship and their powerness. but a cruiser will always be a cruiser and have slower turnrate. Add your consoles here and make sure they are upp to date and functioning well. You might need to perform maintinence to keep them in good working order.

Sickbay: Diffrent types of sickbays have diffrent stats when it comes to the healt/efficeny and recovery of your crew. Larger sickbays can handle more casualties the smaller ones for example.
- Here you can slot you consoles that handle everything that is currently in game in regars to your crewīs heath.
You can slot a device and have your dutyofficers install it and upgrade it to perform better.
Here you can pick up regenarator and get your injuries heald, but that may take some time depening on your injury
By trial and error the department would function in diffrent ways.
Your character also needs to visit the doctor regularly to stay in shape and cure desieses.

Quarters: I would love to be able to do more in my courters, and add my own furniture and decorate it as i see fit.
Stuff for your quarters can maybe be boght using EC. Diffrent types of quarters work best in diffrent types of ships. Smaller ship may need more spartan, fewer and smaller quarters then a vessel that is larger and need more have more room for larger and more quarters. Maybe a lyxuary type that you can place dignitaries and amassadors in and they will get happier, leeding to better outcomes for the dutyofficer assignments. build your own quarters to the way you like it and spend time in there while your ship travels at warp to a distant world.
Chose how many you want to accomodate the crewsize by your choice. But an undermanned ship, may only operate at 50%

Crew lounge: An option here to choose from a variety of lounges to install on your ship, will have an direct effect on your crewīs morale. Better morale = better performance. Add cooks to ease the strain of the replicators and your ships power/fuel supply. And if they go off-line itīs good to have backup.

Holodeck: Diffrent types of holodecks will have an impact of your crew morale and training. Better morale, and better training = better performance. You can use the Duty officers to train on the holodeck, or go your self and perform simulation or relaxsetaion programs, ultimatly to increase you and your crew. Holodeck novells can for example be bought at Quarkīs for GPL or EC.

(donīt know how to spell this one, but iīm talking about the place in the Enterprise-D where they have all the

Add this and your crew morale goes up.

Ship interior customazation: An option to change the layout of your ship, and by doing so choose what you want to
have for department or technology. Option to add strutts or supportbeams in order to increase the durability of your ship when taking damage. Areas that are not used by corridors, compartments and equipment can be used for building these things. Here we come back to the compartments; maybe in a large ship you need more holodecks or more lounges in order to cover the volume of your crew.
You can already choose the type of corridors you want on your ship today, expand upon that....
Add more and more advanced holoemitters around your ship. It may draw some power but the holograms might improve your crew capacity when you suffer large casualties.

Be also sure to use the right materials when choosing your bulkheads, to prevent decompression or make it to easy for enemys to run trough your ship. Forcefield only work as long as you have power and not to much damage. Chose if you want the forcefields or bulkheads to close of large hullbreaches and protect your crew. Forcefields are more adaptable but draw large amounts of power, Bulkheads donīt draw power but effectivly seals off large sections of your ship. Not everyone might be protected.

Powerconduits and comuter systems:
An oppertunity to choose from a selection of these will also have an effect on your ship. If you install more
powerfull powerconduits you can transfer power at a higher pressure and speed across your ship. And installning diffrent types of computersystems can give your bridge officer shorters cooldown beacouse the computer can execute various tasks more quickly. In each of these installments, you can slot items for powertransfer and data transference rate and then have your dutyofficers install it and later upgrade it. Choose the prefered rate of transfer, higher rate may cost more, but your ship (depending on ship and other equipment) will respond better or overload your systems causing damage that your Dutyofficers will have to repair, and hurt your crew.
bioneural systems of diffrent marks perhaps...

Computer core: Diffrent types of cores suits diffrent typs of ships. Larger ships need more core or perhaps larger ones, while a small ship may not need as advanced equipment. Test you way by trail and error and see how your ship performs.

Replicators: Choose from various types and you can replicate diffrent things with diffrent qualatys. Buy recepies if you saw something in another type that your current replicator doesnīt have on file. Replicate and enjoy, but remeber that the replicators on the Intrepid-class is "a little" weird, so make sure to have redunndacy so your crew do not starve.

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