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03-13-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by C_Carmichael View Post
Ok, so let's ask some questions.

1. What happens when a player currently hits Vice Admiral, gets all geared out, runs STFs into the ground, and either doesn't PvP or doesn't write Foundry missions? What exactly, do they do?

2. F2P exponentially increased leveling speed. How long until the primary new players are Vice Admiral?

3. Has Cryptic made an announcement for new upcoming STFs, PvP maps, Open World PvP, etc on tap for the next 6 months? When is the next FE series? How many are we getting before 2013?

So, based on the 3 questions above:

4. Isn't it entirely possible to assume that we are in-fact, still, in that content drought, and that it could, conceiveably, last through the end of the year, based on what we have been told will be "coming" in Season 6 and beyond?

5. If in fact this year progress in the manner that I am speculating, and we continue to get a steady diet of C-Store, with very little else, is it possible that this game will begin to shrivel up (population wise) in the same manner it did, which lead to F2P in the first place?

6. If the population does in fact shrivel up as I am projecting, who will buy the C-Store stuff that keeps this game afloat?

All of these questions, have plenty of grounding in possibility, given what we know about "Whats on the horizon" in terms of coming content.

I'm not saying "For sure, STO is dead by 2013". Rather, I am suggesting it is plausible that this game could be finished by then, unless some course changes occur.

Those are a lot of Ifs. A lot of things can happen between now and then. But I agree. Cryptic needs a drastic change of pace.

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