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# 1 Vo'Quv STF build - need help
03-09-2012, 02:22 PM
I've been wanting to try out a carrier for a while now, and have decided to put my main Klingon character into one and start using it for STFs. Based on what I'm seeing as a Fed player running STFs, this seems to be the ship of choice. I have no experience with the carrier, and need some help with a starting build.

I want to be able to pug regular STFs until I get comfortable and all the gear I need to run elite STFs, so for now I'm trying to build an effective general purpose pug STF build.

I'm going to start with disruptors and move up to [borg] weapons asap. I was thinking of using all turrets.


Tac: TT1 CRF1 CRF2 (or APB2)
Sci: HE1 TSS2
Sci: PH1 SS1 TSS3 GW3 u
Eng: EptS1 DEM1 Aux2SIF2

I'll start with the Aegis set and move to borg plus aegis shield, then to one of the STF sets.

Consoles will be:

Tac: Disruptor induction coil x2
Eng: Neutronium Alloy, SIF Generator, Plasma Distribution Manifold(?)
Sci: Borg Universal, Biofunction Monitor, Field Generator (and what?)

I'll get two sets of S'kul fighters and two sets of Power Siphon Drones for mixing and matching those two slots.

I'm uncomfortable with everything to do with the science end of this build.

Comments and advice please.

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# 2
03-09-2012, 03:02 PM
What's your captain type? If you're not an engineer, you may want more emergency power to stuff. Vo'quv loves weapon & aux power. In particular, I'm not sure how good DEM's gonna be anyway.

If you don't already have the kar'fi, to'duvs and bops are plenty good at chewing up all the borg stationary shieldless stuff. (And can attack them while you're, say, 20km away, guarding the kitomer accord gate.)

I'd really grab 2x of every launchable craft you have available; just in case you get bored and want to use shield drones, or some boss is killing your fighters too fast and you need the tougher bops. I don't know how the kar'fi fighters compare, having never used them. I would suspect they're bad at delivering constant damage to high hp targets, though. (Gates.)

Beams are a lot easier to bring to bear on a target than cannons (excluding turrets), and they deal more damage at range. I'm using them and fire at will in STFs to good effect. Turrets/single cannons might be better at attacking gates/bare hull though, I'm not sure. And fire at will will of course sometimes shoot things you really didn't want to target. If you have the gear, or a little bit of credits to spend on inexpensive weapons, I'd try both and see which you like better. If you do stick with cannons, Scatter Volley might be better than rapid fire in STFs?

Your science skills look solid enough; there's nothing wrong with gravity well + tanky stuff. Remember to keep aux high enough so that they matter.

Tactical team may not be necessary if you have enough other shield healing, and especially if you need more tac powers open.

Sci: Borg Universal, Biofunction Monitor, Field Generator (and what?)
You will have 10 crew the entire match. Get tanky power increasing consoles like emitter arrays. Or anything, really. Just not crew stuff. They don't matter enough to spend resources to ineffectively protect them. You will heal your hull with aux2sif and hazard emitters. ^_^
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# 3
03-09-2012, 03:19 PM
I thought I had mentioned he is an engineer. Guess I didn't. .

I picked DEM because I use it x2 on my Vor'cha, and it is great at slicing through shields, and I was thinking it would be helpful with the cubes and ships. My alternative was another EPtS. Does Scramble Sensors work well against the Borg, or would another HE or Sci Team be a better choice?

I went with Cannon Rapid Fire, but will probably also play with Cannon Scatter Volley to see which I like better.

Anyone's opinions and advice still welcome.

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# 4
03-10-2012, 01:49 PM
bump for help, hopefully
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# 5
03-11-2012, 09:15 PM
Crusty, a few things:

Skul fighters are for the Karfi carrier only. In STFs, I always kept one power siphon in a hangar bay and swapped the other bay from BoP to Power SIphon drone. Keep in mind the Siphons really take the fight out of cubes and swarms of spheres but they are pretty useless against probes and gates (not to mention the myriad number of assimilated vessels in Cure Space). For those, put in a BoP (or two).

For shield consoles: Field Generator and Shield Emitter Amplifier are must-haves.

Turrets. No... not even close. Go all beams, like brainfacer said. Beam Overload for some punching power. Turrets don't do enough damage. I had a mix of 2 Beams + 1 Turret on each side and it wasn't as effective as when I went all beams. And turrets seem to lose more strength at a distance than beams do.

Consider trading Gravity Well for a Tyken's or two. And energy siphon. The borg really need their aux power to do damage. If you can remove that as fast as possible, they can't do much of anything. My science Klink has 180 Flow Cap. When I hit them with Tyken's, they immediately hit evasive. Use a tractor to keep them in place. After a few seconds, their shields start dropping, they crawl thru space with little engines and they aren't much danger.

Polarize Hull is nice but sometimes there are so many spheres that you get hit with double or triple tractor beams. Be aware of that. I use Omega myself. And if there are are more than 2 spheres, I use Omega and Evasive so I can get clear before I lose my immunity. Or, if either of those are on CD, I just bolster my shields.

Even with a good RCS console, I never could get my carrier to turn like I wanted her to. You may find it frustrating so be prepared to adjust your playstyle. Vo'Kuv is fun because you can send out fighters out of the 10km range. But it doesn't handle like a BoP/escort.

There's a whole lot of shields on the Vo'Kuv. I would suggest this set of science boff skills:

Lt: TSS1, HE2
Com: TBeam1, Energy Siphon, Tykens 2, GW3

(if you can get someone to train you in Tykens 3, do it. And then take ES2 and forget GW. You will WALK all up and down the borg.)

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Have fun.
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# 6
03-13-2012, 08:18 PM
Cannons lose massive DPS at ranges greater than 5k. So since you will be fighting near or beyond max range most of the time go beams and broardside things. I wouldn't recommend using a Torpedo but the Harg'Peng is good here, despite it's 15s cooldon it will save you trying to spec torpedo skills.

In my experiance Scramble Sensors is rubbish on the Borg you've either got a Single Target so it does nothing or your fighting a swarm who rarely turn on each other.

I used to be able to scramble cubes in Cure and have them kill the top probes. but it no longer works.

I having 2 Sci BOFFs set out the same with the only difference being Grav Well and Tryken's Rift. A well placed Grav Well can save the optional when some noob* doesn't listen and just kills a Generator.

* Somebody who doesn't know and learns from this mistake is not a noob. Somebody who ignores 4 people asking him not to do it is.

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