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03-13-2012, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by perji
1. You are not the OP, so you cannot tell me what he meant. You can only tell me what you thought he meant. I thought he meant something else.
2. I don't know how or why you get unwanted "popups". I don't get any unwanted popups. There are no popups in battle, they only appear when the red alert is over, which is 10 seconds or so after all combat ceased.
3. Now that I think of it, I used to get crap like that when playing single player episodes, but then, hitting the space bar to fire or using any skill in the tray made them go away fast. If you DO get them during combat, it's either one of the poorly designed missions (which actually makes them "mission auto hail") or some bug.

The OP said specifically pop ups in the middle of a fight. It is completely clear, not my interpretation.
Im sorry if english isnt your first language. I didnt mean to offend.

Mission auto hail is a completely different thing. You would only ever get a mission auto hail after you have turned in a mission.

We are talking about in mission pop ups, and they do happen in battle. Not always, but often enough to be annoying. Plus after replaying missions we dont need them so having an option to have them default to minimzed would be nice.

Also there are other pop ups that I dislike, like the warp to sector pop ups.
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03-14-2012, 03:53 AM
Originally Posted by realuniqueone
Seems every time I'm in the middle of a fight a popup appears coverring 3/4 of my screen... Really?

Make them always minimized (so we can open them should we need to [*cough* never]), we really don't need this constant mission spam 99.99999% of the time - our objective is written clearly on the top right of our screens anyway!

Unless the mission requires interaction or choices, why show anything??? It's just pointless screen clutter that covers the most important part of our screen always at just the WRONG times.

Don't need them. Don't want them.

I've always hated the silent-BO/NPC face just doing idling movements ever since STO was conceived.

Wish it would be a small low priority button that just blinks - as well as a flashy button when there is loot to decide on.
Already moved the lootwindow aside, but it is indeed annoying now that we always have a Cardi Loot Box in just about every meaningless kill.

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