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03-14-2012, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
lol, second paragraph does "During the firing sequence of some shipmounted arrays, phaser energies would travel along the emitter strip and converge at the best position for targeting. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)"

also you see it happen on screen. memory alpha only has observed information on it, the lack of information on it doesn't mean im wrong. with the lack of canon information, i turned to the technical manual and read what it says. a simple version of the conclusion i reached is what i posted last post.

in my first post in this debate i gave examples of other ships killing the same ships the defiant had killed, only they were killing them more easily.

sure, no argument.

a pulse cannon emitter is surely superior to a phaser array emitter, but they do 2 different things. array emitters work together in the arrays, there can be 10 to 200 of them depending on the array size. cannon emitters are single gun barrels basically, they better emit more energy then an array emitter.

the defiant was not designed to solo a cube, and that's what your implying. the strategy behind this 'fight the borg' thing is to throw 100 defiant at a cube rater then 50 large expensive general purpose ships. the result would be about the same firepower at half the cost in resources and manpower.
1. Observed information, which I'm assuming you mean what is seen on screen, is considered canon. Technical manuals/guides are not. Even says so here: http://www.stardestroyer.net/mrwong/...arship_phasers

2. They have shown one on one battles with the Defiant, not just fleet actions. In those battles, the Defiant took them out in a single volley. Wish I could refer to the video I posted earlier, but it seems like it was removed.

3. I have not seen any references that said the Defiant-class ships were meant to be cannon fodder to the Borg. Do you have any info on where you got that information?

4. Going back to your comments about the warp drive, it is a Class 7 warp drive. http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Class-7_warp_drive

They mention that: "Though never stated on screen, it is possible that the multi-lobe injectors were indicative of the "multiple reactant stream injection" technology Starfleet had under development years previous as referenced by Geordi La Forge in 'Galaxy's Child'. The feature was scheduled to be included in the 'next class starship'. "

Possibly one of the most advanced warp drives before Class 9 drives were installed on the Voyager. If we're going to use technical manuals as references, the DS9 technical manual said the theorized maximum warp speed was 9.982 for 12 hours. But, that's not canon.

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