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Hey all, Im looking for ways to get the most damage out of my Advanced Esort with my Tact captain. I prefer to do STFs and PvE.

Currently I use,

Fore: 3x Mk X Disruptor Dual Cannons, 1 Mk XII Quant Torp
Aft: 3x Mk X Disruptor Turrets

Comm Tact: TT1, HY2, CRF2, APO3
Lt.Comm Tact: TT1, HY2, CRF2,
Lt Eng: EPtS1, AtSI
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS2
En Sci: TB1

Currently in the process of farming STFs for Mk XI and higher. Aiming to most likely change to antiproton weapons.

How else could I boost my DPS? I prefer single target DPS then AoE.

Would adding one Dual Beam Bank for Beam Overloads increase DPS?

And does distance effect damage? Loading screen tooltips says it does but I cant say i've notiched.
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03-14-2012, 10:40 AM
This is while Traveled Ground. I have tested, and tested, and tested some more. This is the best.

1. Ditch the Advanced Escort for a MVAE. (Sorry Costs Money.) Difference is the LT Commander Spot. The Sci LT Commander spot must be gravity well. This is a key skill and you should invest here.

2. Dual Heavy Cannons XII Borg x3 and 1 Quantum Torp XII. Turrets in back. Can put 1 beam if the back if you want to get close to the TAC cubes for more DPS. But you will pay a price against Spheres. Anti protons or Tetryons are the best. (critical proc versus shield reduction proc)

3. Bridge Officers

Scatter Volley 3 or 2 x 2 and Gravity Well. Don't worry about over lapping cool downs here. Use the Gravity Well to create a kill box on the Spheres or Probes and use Scatter Volley to murder everything simultaneously in the kill box. 2 Escort following this tactic at the same time can destroy 4 cubes at once. Truly a scary sight and makes the optional in Infected elite a done deal. The other pugs when it happens are shocked by the level of carnage that is inflicted.

The rest. Attack Pattern Beta, Rapid Fire 2 or 3 for the cubes, Science Tanking skills to keep you alive, and Engineering is Energy Power to Shields or Engineering team and Emergency Power to Weapons.

4. Consoles

4x the type of weapons you have in the tac spot
Sci is either shield emitters for tanking of graviton to help out gravity well.
Engineering; 1 that increases over all Shield Cap and 1 of the armors that increase tanking.

5. Skills

Load on up the tac skills at the top. DON"T invest in Threat. Not really in Stealth. Everything else as much as you can afford.

6. Energy Level.

Pay attention to your energy levels. Want as close to 125 as you can at all times. Don't fall into trap of full impulse to TAC cube. 20 energy so weak weapons, die. Repeat. Better to wait for your weapons to power up then to do weak damage.
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03-14-2012, 10:43 AM
This thread is my favorite for escort info. I PvP so I regularly read the part about maneuvering just before I do some piloting for the night.

I'm only a middling good escort pilot, but for STFs I've gotta ask why you wouldn't want AoE? The Cure especially with nicely clustered generators and waves that spawn together.

Anyway, off the top of my head I would say lose APO3 for CRF3 (or CSV3) and just use APO1. I think the actual damage boost works out better that way.

I would only replace the torp with the DBB if you really want it, I wouldn't drop to 2 DHCs. I would stick with 3 DHCs and a torp or DBB. Lots of good escort pilots run 4 DHCs these days.

Distance does affect damage. Check the bottom of this page for a graph.
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03-14-2012, 10:57 AM
How do you get there?

1. Get a builder in your portfolio of toons. He will build your consoles and maybe your first weapons and use the dilithium from your other characters. Ideally have 1 Fed and 1 Kling Builder but 1 Fed is enough. Great source of cash as well.

2. Join a STF fleet that can teach you the tactics. Good ones are TFD, Proteous, and others. But don't be a needy, make a contribution.

3. Grind normals to get your Xi Borgs. Your alts can grind Elites with Purple XIs manufactured by your builder but will be a drag on the pug groups unless you know what you are doing.

4. Best STF Ships. Fed MVAE (Gravity well and Scatter Volley frighting combination.) Defiant R. Or your Advanced. What is missing in the Advanced is Gravity well. Don't be that guy running a TAC in a cruiser. Odyssey refit might fix this. If running a Klingon, I LOVE my Garamba Siege Destroy that is a crazy mix of your advanced escort and the Galaxy X. But no gravity well.

5. Put your Sci in the MVAE or a Long Range Retrofit. If you run a sci ship better know how to do crowd control with Gravity well/Tractor Beam repulsers, and drop shields with Energy siphon drones. If not you are a drag on the team and should go the escort route. Put your Engineer in a Cruiser. Do your job by kiting Tac Cubes and healing damage dealers.

6. Use Prototype Borg Salvage to Get your XII Weapons.

7. Grind Infected Elites first. Do them so often that you can do it your sleep. Then move on to KA when you have XIIs. Can do cure normals. Never do cure elites unless you are in fleet and know what you are doing. It will just **** you off most times when the Kang is destroyed. Only do ground STFs in fleet. Pug groups will just **** you off here as well.

8. Use your EDCs for the ground sets and engines. You will do enough Infected Space and KA space to get the techs eventually so never buy shields or deflectors.

9. Until they fix it, run the Jemadar set with a DOFF set up. Shield recharge is crazy. After they fix it run Maco, Omega, Honor Guard or Borg. All 3 of those sets suck now so pick the one that looks cool. Remember you do STFs for the XII weapons and the ground sets. The space sets suck. Thanks Cryptic for nerfing the MACO graviton beam and Omega Tetryon Glider. Crypic made these sets pointless.

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