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Hello Cryptic,

Once again I'd like to request the addition of dynamic Shield Regeneration and Shield Damage Removal (Resistance/Reduction) stats to our ship's UI.

These stats would be similar to how we can now press U, click Defense, and see our Shield Facings, Hull Points, Hull Resistances, etc. But, unlike the stat for Shield Regeneration given in a shield's description tooltip, this UI addition that I'm requesting would be dynamic and change in real time based on our ship type, skills, shield power levels, captain/BO powers, console/equipment load-out, etc. similar to the other stats described above or like weapon damage/DPS changes in the Power Tray Tooltips. Shield Regeneration was once available to us as the "Shield Emitter" stat, and while strangely labelled, it worked great until it was removed for no apparent reason (see below).

Along with the Shield Regeneration stat, please also add a visible Shield Damage Removal stat. Or I suppose a list of stats, similar to how we have multiple hull resistances. These should be dynamic as described above. In addition to being helpful for general game play, it would be useful when testing/debugging things like OP MACO shields, and the like. :p

I hope the reasoning behind needing these UI improvements is self-evident, but if more information is required, there is much discussion and many approvals linked in the History, below. I also invite further discussion here.
My quest first began 04/21/10 with this thread asking for the location of the regeneration stat, and when I learned it wasn't available, I asked for it in the April 20, 2010 Engineering Report. Amazingly, dstahl responded, saying he'd forward my request "to the UI tooltips guru."

On 06/04/10 I started a thread dedicated to the addition of a regeneration stat and damage removal stat, and a couple of days later the Shield Emitter (regeneration) UI addition was found. Sadly, that was removed for no apparent reason (or comment in the Release Notes) by July 30th of the same year.

On 01/24/11 I started another thread asking for these vital UI additions. Many posted showing their support, and the thread stayed active for months, but was finally closed when it regretably turned zombie.
I've let the subject lie long enough. I've recieved e-mails over this last year about this subject, and have seen others posting with similar thoughts. So here goes another attempt. It's been nearly 2 years since my first post on the subject, maybe this time it will stick.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this request. Please show your support below if you would find these features beneficial to Star Trek Online.

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