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I am sure this has been asked for a few times, however I ran back a few pages and did not see a recent iteration.

I would like to know it it is at all possible to finally loosen up the lock down on UI customization. It would be beneficial for probably more than a few of us with higher resolution monitors to be able to re-size the mini-map up in the corner, amongst other incidental UI elements.

The main thrust of the post however is about being able to open multiple chat boxes PLEASE. It is so much more streamlining for those of us used to that style of UI set up (I know not everyone is and will not understand why anyone would want to, so I am sure they will voice their 2 cents, but this is not a request for those folks ) There is just so many channels in the chat system as whole that carry important info it highly impractical, to say the least, to keep them in box.

For example, One set up I personally like to run with is on the main side (left side) keep a standard sized box for only critical chats (team, raid and fleet chats) set this above the default box shrunk as small as it can be to contain the system and local spam with the text set to the minimum size. Above the critical chat box, if so inclined, one can keep a combat log box open, not something I always ran with, but it was useful to at some points. On the empty side of the powers tray keep a box for the non essential, but important channels such as the duty officer channel, fleet alliance chats, social channels, (SSR so on) Also giving you the option to set a few small incidental boxes on less prominent areas of the screen for things like the Red Alert channel, still tactically important, but not needed to seen immediately usually I kept a small box along the top of the screen beside the min-map for such things.

Basically keeping the flow of various information streams we need access to ready and present without interruption and without distracting our mouse from flying or moving on ground so on to click between chat tabs on the chat box. UI streamlining and customization is one of those deceptively small creature comforts that, on paper may not seem very important but, can lead to a surprising amount of happiness on the part of the players.

While on the topic of undockables, undockable powers bars would really hit the spot as well, but that is not as high on the personal priority list as the being able to open new chat windows.

Thank you very much for your consideration

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