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# 1 Please judge my Tac Oddy build
03-15-2012, 03:37 PM
First off, i'm still relatively new to STO. I bought the Tac Oddy today because, I will admit, I want to be in the same ship as the new Enterprise. Lame? Perhaps. But there it is.

That being said, i'm coming from a Sovereign build I liked alot and i'm trying to outfit the Odyssey to be viable in STF Elites and perhaps someday PvP. My goal is to offer decent damage and heals for others/self. I'm pretty set on my consoles, weapons, etc, but want some advice on my BoFFs. Please critique and offer any suggestions!

Layout of Bridge Officers
Commander Engineer: ET I, ET II, APSF II, RSP III
Lt Cmdr Universal (Engineer): EPW I, EPTS II, EPTS III
Lt Tactical: Tac Team I, TS II
Lt Science: TSS I, TSS II
Ens Universal (Sci): Tractor Beam I

DoFF Space Layout:
Tactical: 2 Brace for Impact Buff
Engineer: 1 Increase ship power on EP buff
Ops: 1 Deflector Ability Cooldown Buff, 1 Tractor Beam Shield Strip Buff

I have thought about taking the EPW I out and putting in Transfer Shield I - but I don't know if its worth giving up EPW I. Any thoughts?

Also, in order to compensate for the very slow turn rate, I'm experimenting with running 3 Phaser Arrays and 3 Phaser Turrets. That way when i'm facing an enemy, all my weapons are brought to bear, and even when I have to turn, i'm hitting the enemy with at least 75 percent of my weapons.

Thanks in advance for the replies!

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