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03-15-2012, 08:08 PM
Bridges are fine especially the new odyssey bridge where you can actually see a part of the ship hull from the windows. crappy textures but atleast you fell like beeing in a large ship.

what turns out to be crappy is the ship interior. seeing what they can do in the Episodes they should allocated more than 5minutes on the interior and its functions.
- there should be a shuttleramp to take shuttles not the transporter room.
- there is a holodeck in the starfleet academy, just copy paste that into the ship interior...
- you should again be allowed to exit the bridge when sitting in the captains chair or anywhere instead of beaming out. just remove the beam sequence its a one click action...
- spaceships dont have that much space to waste, reduce corridor heigh to like 5 meters not 10...
- many door in the corridor, should allow to place foundry made rooms behind them to fill the ship up
- replicators should work
- since there is only one standart interior it would be easy to use it as mission map, invasion, boarding partys and stuff
- interactivity, when the crew is hurt the sick bay is full
- they should grant the BOs the same characteristics as the DOs like agressive and stuff and give you talking options based on these attributes, beneath the introduction of special options in Episodes through such characteristics.
- ofcourse a crew uniform slot is a must have
- interior colors would also be nice
- prettier rooms and corridors

its just like player housing in every mmo and suits the same cause as social hub, bringing missions and tasks into it would grand STO a pioneering role in that mmo aspect.
sadly it seams they gave up there and put their focus somewhere else, maybe flagship sales grants em enough money to hire someone to give ship interiors a little love, as its mission to complete the feel of the tv-series while awaymissions and spacecombat are well done.
it would also be nice if you could controll Bos as awayteam leaders and send em on awaymissions instead of the captain. you know tasks like scan a rock on a planet: who got time for that, admiral raises the hand. or place a bomb in a stronghold, whom to send of course the admiral alone...

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