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03-15-2012, 09:50 PM
I've not much time in STO, maybe a month and I find some things confusing. This is one that confuses me the most?

1) I picked up an item named Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher Mk IX [Dmg] (common ship weapon)
When I first looked at it in my inventory it read:

Creates a level 45 Tricobalt Device
(1k radius explosion)
11, 235 (the last 3 numbers I filled in cause I don't remember them exactly)
Disable for 2 sec
+50 Repel

Which for me I thought wow! This is sweet! And because the damage number was so high I even asked in chat if it was an item I could only use on a certain quest? (Got no response of course).
Then I decided to put it on my ship and when I did I noticed that the damage number changed dramatically!
Going from 11k to 7k???

Now my level was the same at all times I was doing this. So it didn't change because of my level. And I've noticed this happens quite frequently. You look at an items damage/rating, like the shield ratings, the numbers change from when you look at them in your pack to when you look at them after being installed on your ship???

And I can remember item stats changing even just looking at them on 2 different occasions??

What is the problem with the information changing like what I've described??

You look at something and think oh cool this is awesome and go to use it and it's just a piece of crap??

Why even at the equipped numbers of 7k damage, why do I only ever get a little more than 2k when I've used it??? In fact when I look in the combat log it has the number representing the damage done most time a little over 2k and then in brackets the original number I saw when I first saw it in my pack like this: 2104 [11,235] So I'm guessing the number in brackets must be some sort of max number it could get but I'm not sure of that?? And if so why do they give you such a number instead of the number it's actually going to give you when you use it??? You get a little over 2k so why not say that instead of 7k??


Note: first posted this in General Feedback but it sat with not even a glance, think that forum is dead
Lt. Commander
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03-15-2012, 10:20 PM
Tricobalts are the high-risk high-reward torpedo. They fly slower than other torpedoes, can be targeted and sometimes shot down by an attentive enemy, and have a long cool-down time, but can do as much damage in one hit as a Quantum torpedo on High Yield 3.

Now, is the 7k number shown when you are in sector space or on the ground? If it is either of those, then it does not add in the bonus that you get from your various Captain skills and console boosts--it's only showing the base damage rather than the full damage. You only get the proper accurate number in system space, not sector space or the ground.

As for why you're only seeing 2100 damage at times, this is probably because it is hitting the enemy with the enemy's shields still up. Shields absorb around 80% of a torpedo's damage (90% if it's a resilient shield, while transphasic weapons get bonus shield penetration). Torpedoes do the most damage when hitting an unshielded quadrant on a target.

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