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03-12-2012, 03:33 AM
Originally Posted by Frent View Post
The screenshots posted earlier mirror my exact situation. I'm using an AMD Radeon card, too, and it updated its drivers tonight, along with the STO patch. I didn't know what happened at first; I assumed driver problems and reinstalled them. Still nothing. Then I looked at some of my other programs, which run fine. Finally I ended up here, and I tried turning off anti-aliasing. Worked like a charm; no problems now. Still, I hope this is something that can be fixed, as I'd hate to just leave AA off forever.
No AA drives me nuts, so i just rolled back.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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03-16-2012, 12:05 PM
I too have a radeon and its giving me the same effect. catalys controll was updated last night though so that mey also be linked

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