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# 1 Taris - Impossible
03-16-2012, 12:06 PM
How many times do you have to watch your ship explode before this Mission ceases to be enjoyable?

As a Tactical Officer, I had understood that my ship would be fairly tough. However, the Heavy Plasma Torpedoes just slice effortlessly through my shields and the ship explodes - again and again and again ......

How are we supposed to complete the Mission?

I am a Captain 30, my ship is similar to the Defiant and the enemy is a Reman D'Deridex.

Evidently Worf is a much better Captain than me.

The Mission is supposed to be for a Captain 30. Am I supposed to go away and explore some uncharted systems to gain a few more levels?

How can I get shields that can resist Plasma Topedoes?

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