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03-16-2012, 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by Honiara
Quick look at the wiki, I would strongly suggest a Graviton Deflector Array MK XI [Gra] [PtrG] [SubD]

Other options would be [Em], If you want a more defenive (self defence here), then a Positron Deflector Array with [SiF] [ShdS] and [Stl] is also a good, but this is more of a tank build than a support build.
Interesting. Could you go into more detail as to the benefits of a Graviton Deflector Array over the Positron? I don't doubt that you're correct, I'm just trying to understand why. Here's what I'm seeing:

Positron Deflector Array:
  • Starship Shield Emitters - Improves my heals, which is really what I'm trying to focus on
  • Starship Structural Integrity - Improves my Hull Strength
  • Starship Shield System - Improves my Shield Strength
  • Then, of course, specific bonuses would go here.

Graviton Deflector Array:
  • Starship Graviton Generators - Improves my tractor beam, which I think we decided isn't really that big of a deal unless I misunderstood what you wrote
  • Starship Subspace Decompiler - Improve my disables, I can see how this fits into my build, as one of the things I'm trying to do, in addition to healing, is help drop shields and negate enemy damage.
  • Starship Countermeasure Systems - Improves Scramble Sensors and Jam Sensors, neither of which are a part of my build
  • Again, specific bonuses would go here.

Maybe we're coming at this from two different angles? I was thinking about making a healing build, with support as a secondary function, whereas perhaps you're coming from the idea that this is a support build, with healing as a secondary function? Which leads me to ask if healing can be a primary role in STO, or if it IS a secondary function to support (which in this case is drains and disables).

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