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# 1 VA Ship Shopping
03-17-2012, 01:45 AM
Have 2 chars up to VA now (plus a Lt Gen, but no sharing there) and after grinding far too much dilithium was looking at picking something special out of the C-Store for account-wide unlock. Not sure what though, and thought I'd ask people who've already taken test drives.

One character is an engineer in a recon science ship, and I love the durability and all the fun tricks I can pull out and just really play around with. But when it comes to the actual damage-dealing, a sci ship just doesn't do that especially well. My newer character is a tac captain in an advanced escort, with more than twice the damage of the science ship. However without all the gadgets to play with she's more effective but not as enjoyable. I bring up the characters and my appraisals of the styles as reference, both of what I have and how I like to play.

So first I looked at the MVAE, but then I realized it was identical to the regular advanced escort but for a BOFF difference and a fancy console. Same hull same speed same weapons, even one less console slot because of the gimmick. Is the seperation really that effective/powerful, or is it just 'neat?' Half a million dilithium for a console seems a lot unless its really cool.

Then I looked at the Excelsior, which could turn into a big single-cannon cruiser with lots of engineering tricks. But its a hundred years old (style is important) and I'd lose all the points I've sunk into my science abilities and have to massively rearrange my Boffs and their skills.

Now the Odyssey is out, and I adore the Boff options but its so slow and there are 3 options out there to choose and the only comments about the things I've heard are broad complaints about the price and useless pet AI.

So I guess I have 3 questions really:
1 When one of my characters is already flying an Advanced Escort, just how much better is the multi-vector ability? How effective is it, really?
2 Anyone who's flown both the Excelsior and the Odyssey, how do they compare?
3 Which Odyssey? How effective is the Aquarius vs the Worker Bees vs Saucer Sep?

And of course any other related insightful commentary if ya got it. Thanks! (I hope)
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# 2
03-17-2012, 04:59 AM
The MVAM is not a gimmick. when you seperate you have 2 combat pets following you and your even more maneuverable. Since you like the science vessel the mvam is the only escort with a Lt commander boff slot.

if you like your engineer in a science vessel you can check out the nebula. it has a Lt commander engineer slot so you have more options again including eject warp plasma 1.

If you want to get one ship that both can be effective in the you have the galaxy-x. This is a tricky ship to set up. this will give your engineer more dps. It is also the only fed cruiser that can equip dual heavy cannons. It also turns like the oddy so you may not want to do a cannon build if you are in PvP. In the stf's I run a cannon build on it and it works well. The borg are the only enemy that moves slower. For a tactical officer the phaser lance is brutal. Just make sure you run phaser weapons on that ship with 3 phaser relays to get the biggest bang.

The excelsior is similar to the oddy but it has transwarp to all sectors. the big advantage is the Lt Commander Tactical boff.

I suggest you take a look at the spidermitch chart before you decide. Its Big.
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# 3
03-17-2012, 10:13 AM
Between the options you have presented, the excelsior I think would be the best fit for you. The reason is that you seem to like the survivability of the sci ship, but want more damage output. And the reverse is true in the escort. The excelsior is really the middle ground between the dmg and survivability that you're looking for, without lossing tons of manuvering power.

The multi is definately not that much better than the adv escort, although you can use grav well with the multi. Otherwise the difference is pretty marginal, and the seperation does NOT offer a significant dps increase.

The ody has the BO options, and is very durable, but it is VERY slow, and the dmg output isn't very good. And to get the most out of the ody you'd have to spend 4k cstore points so you can get all 3 consoles, which I don't think is worth it.

Last thing to note is that if you do pick up the excelsior (1600 points) consider picking up the thunderchild class as well for 800 more points. Grab the point defense console from it and you can dismiss the thunderchild (you can always reclaim it for free). Run all phasers (cannon + turrets) on the excel, along with console. Activate all your damage buffs and activate the point defense (5k max range) and it will amaze you.

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