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03-17-2012, 01:21 PM
Quoted from another thread - COSMIC_ONE said:

"If you link your account to PWE, or come over from PWE, you are required to buy Zen instead of CPs. You then convert the Zen to CPs: they convert dollar for dollar, not point for point. So buying 500 Zen costs $5.00 but converts to 400 CP, which is also $5.00.

The Zen purchase takes longer then the CP purchase does from Cryptic, though. Buying Zen can take an hour to get approved whereas buying CPs can take 30 seconds. I think this has to do with the fact that PWE has many games and a lot more players then STO does so they're a little more cautious about CC purchases."

Was very glad to read that we don't actually lose anything in the conversion. Like many others I've read in the forums I was under the impression that I was losing 20% on the conversion. But if 800 CP's, purchased directly thru Cryptic, costs $10 then converting my 1000 Zen to 800 CP's (which also cost me $10) means I lose nothing in the conversion. As for the delay I experienced that myself the two times I bought online. I now simply swing by any approved game card outlet and grab a Perfect World game or two for the same price and I've found that the conversion, when using PWE game cards, is instantaneous. No wait, no muss, no fuss AND I can now include my game card purchase in the grocery budget - ROFLMAO :p ... well, what can I say... you have to justify these little expenses where you can heheheheh. I just give up about $10 worth of junk food and both my waistline and my game play are improved thereby

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