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# 17 Chat Transcription
03-17-2012, 02:45 PM
Title: Dan Stahl Interview
Transcriber(s): Yumene, Berryshine
Date: March 17, 2012
Original Air Date: March 9, 2012

--- START ---
<Music playing>
Tanner: Ok, hopefully we have everything fixed this time. Not completely sure
Dan: Iím still here <laugh>
Tanner: <laugh> still got Dan I can hear on my end; hopefully you can hear him on your end.
Dan: Or else itís going to be a very private interview.
Tanner: Yea, which Iím sure all our listeners... <scrambled>
Dan: Or you could just make up things that I say, you could be like, well I was talking to Dan
Tanner: <laugh>
Dan: And he said <scrambled>
Jahner: Yea, I got you both
Tanner: Ok, so awesome <laugh><scrambled>
Dan: He basically said we could do whatever we wanted in game, and he said everyone getting free, free ships from now until the end of time, so yes <scrambled>
Tanner: Yea that would be totally awesome, a free Galor would be awesome right? Alright so, <scrambled> Now we <scrambled> Now that we got this issue fixed, which never happened, but okay, were good, so with that I got a list of questions here for Dan, and for those of you that donít know, Dan is the executive producer of Star Trek Online, the game that we play here at Subspace Radio <laugh> So, yea, if you are ready, weíll go ahead and get started with some questions here for you.
Dan: I am ready, I have the questions and I am ready to answer the questions, letís just say that. Letís see how we do.
Tanner: Alrighty, sounds good, Iím going to start with some of the quiÖ questions that we had picked out here from us. The biggest one that, here is a question on the server stability, as of late, it seems to have reached a boiling point recently with two or three downtimes, in as many weeks, are there any plans to add more servers to not only handle the load but also improve queue times especially with queues reaching to the sixteen hundreds on weekends
Dan: So letís talk about that server stability because itís a great question, Iím glad someone asked this, Iíve been wanting to bring it up. The problem is not hardware, weíve identified the problem, we've been adding hardware since we launched free to play so it's really not that, what it boils down to some operating system issues with our servers so honestly it has to do with our database and you know some windows architecture issues and so what what's been happening is that it's not a matter of having capacity or things being too full the software team has been trying to debug whatever this is that has been causing the servers to go offline every once in a while so we are really close to tracking that down and in fact have been working on it, they been pretty much working on it twenty four hours a day, they would ever come by my office today to say that they're making progress um and I don't think weíre, they said we're not completely of the woods yet but the hope is that this whatever this operating system issue is weíll get this ironed out, they have multiple new machines in the data center to switch over to try different OS configs, so we can get this all ironed out, but honestly it has very little to do with not having capacity or having a bug in the game it's really a bug with how the, all of this technicality behind running a MMO with this many players on the database that's really where weíre at. In terms of the queues on we have been seeing just a ridiculous amount of people on the weekends for key, for the featured episode series to my expectation is that <scrambled>I do expect the intentionality of time the finale tomorrow, featured episode five, thereís a very good chance there could be a queue, but I just say, bear with us but weíre really trying to get as everybody into these episodes as possible there's tons and tons and tons of people all at one specific time trying to log in. <scrambled>Typically you donít have everyone trying to log into a MMO all at once. Most MMOs only a percentage of your user base is logged in at any given time. But with these episodes you just get these shear humongous spike, so itís not like that capacity isn't there it's just that the of the land rush is there so we're working it out and, we could definitely get everybody in but itíd be rubber band city so we donít want to do that, <scrambled> trying to keep the performance were trying to balance performance versus how many people can we get.
Tanner: Right, we donít want to be sitting there trying to go against the JemíHadar and be bouncing back and forth and totally missing and Ö yeah.
Dan: Yeah. And so weíre trying to find a balance between that and having eight minutes between you and firing your weapons. Thatís terrible, we donít want to do that.
Tanner: Right. Exactly. Alright, so that definitely answered that question. That was one that was definitely on my mind, I know for sure. So, alright, another one from here, from the list is about PvP. One of the biggest complaints seen about PvP is getting continuously getting steamrolled by PvP fleets or premades. Are there any plans for making any quote unquote tier system for PvP that will match players against each other with similar skills or, to a lesser extent, gear levels? Or perhaps a premade versus premade or PUGs versus PUGs system?
Dan: <scrambled> Iíll answer some of those questions. In terms of coming up with a PvP system that uses a ranking system or some sort of leveling system in order for matchmaking, which I think weíre talking about
Tanner: Right
Dan: In terms of a matchmaking system, we are looking at some new tech like I said in a previous interview I was talking about, thereís a team at Cryptic thatís been working on a PvP game over the last year and they built out a lot of this tech that allows us to do things like matchmaking. So weíre actually getting our hands dirty on that code right now, trying to figure out if we can port it over to Star Trek and what we can and canít use out of that system. So I fully expect in season six, as we get closer Iíll have a better idea of whether or not weíll have something. Iíd certainly love to have something like that. But in the meantime what I really want to do is get our new, is get the PvP maps updated and working on this better code, so that we can make our PvP maps better than theyíve ever been. And weíre just trying to fix some of the issues that we have in some of them and in addition Iím hoping that weíll also add some new modes, or changing some of the PvP maps over to different types of gameplay. Because I know for example, one of the things that we Ö thereís a capture the flag mode, maybe thereís a king of the hill mode in this new tech, so if we can get some of our maps ported over to that, or new maps made in that system, weíre definitely gonna do that. We have dedicated resources for season six to add that PvP update.
Tanner: Okay, awesome. Now another question along that line that was in here was about any chance of a tournament or ranking system for the PvP.
Dan: That would be, in my mind the third thing that we could do. We could certainly do leaderboards and thatís one of the things we are talking about doing that I didnít mention. First of all we want leaderboards working for PvP and once we get once get, not just match leaderboards, but an overall standing leaderboard, that kinda goes <scrambled> So, once we get matchmaking, once we get leaderboards then I could see us maybe doing something along the lines of a tournament. But thatís sorta the last thing that we would do in that list of stuff.
Tanner: Alright, letís see here. Um, how bout the, another question that was in here was about the specialty ships like the JemíHadar ship and the Cardassian Galor. Is Cryptic gonna continue to offer specialty ships like this? Has there been any thought of just putting it on the Cstore and having it be there for people to buy instead of getting it randomly? Just trying to get a better understanding of the reasoning behind the way its currently being done. Any thoughts on that?
Dan: Sure. The question, are we gonna continue to offer specialty ships like the JemíHadar ship, yeah?
Tanner: Yeah
Dan: The answer is yes. Weíre gonna continue to offer ships in every way we possibly can. Some ships you can earn in-game, some ships you can buy with energy credits, some you can buy with microtransactions, some you get in what people are calling these chance boxes, so yeah. Weíre gonna continue to do that, and weíre gonna add new ways to get ships as well. So, for example, one of the ways Iím looking at is I would love to put in high-end ship crafting for fleets. I think fleets should be able to build a starbase or a drydock and be able to craft their own ships as well.
Tanner: That would be cool

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