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# 1 Terran Empire Foundry Missions
03-18-2012, 02:58 PM
I recently played The Crossing series by @AAS0009 and found myself realizing that were it not for these Foundry missions we (the players) would have very little interaction with truly credible Terran Empire stoylines. I applaud Cryptic for their initial work with the Terran Empire; however, most, if not all, of the Terran Empire storyline was part of a larger Cardassian story arc. This further supports how important the Foundry is to Star Trek Online - particularly with extended periods of severe content drought.

The Crossing series spans ten (10) missions that immerses the player as a critical component of a truly Terran-heavy story arc. The author aptly weaves a story that draws on Star Trek episodes like Mirror/Mirror and In the Mirror Darkly as well as content from Star Trek Online. Additionally, many Star Trek Online prime universe characters are featured as well. Want to know where Sulu is - he's dead.

I encourage all Terran Empire fans, or players who are still largely unaware of the significance of the Terran Empire in the Star Trek and Star Trek Online universe to play all of the Crossing series ( pt. i - x)! Leave your comments below if you've played any of these missions and tell the author we want to see more!

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