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Hi all, had a question! I am what might be called a casual Trekkie; I have watched pretty much every series and movie I could lay hands on, and TOS was a major part of my childhood, but despite a love of the franchise I am not "in the know" about some of the more technical or arcane details of the universe.

Recently I have started in on Voyager for the first time. While I will decline to comment what I think of the writing, something confused me. The USS Voyager on multiple occasions reenters and exits the atmosphere of M-class planets with a fair amount of indiscretion, something I hadn't thought possible! I had always been of the assumption that starships only reentered in emergency situations- And were more or less worthless once in the atmosphere. So can someone elaborate for me: Are many Federation ships capable of this? Or was it specific to that class of vessel?

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