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Originally Posted by Aries2507 View Post
apparently they stack, apparently this is intended (and apparently was since there introduction) and yes STOked has confirmed it despite no evidence in the patch notes.

this would explain one thing though, since i purchased my second i have noticed my Oddy no longer gets one shot from invisible borg torps...

...perhaps this IS what was intended as a way to up survival levels in STF elites.
The fact that it was not mentioned in the patch release notes should be the clue that it was probably mistakenly changed when they corrected the torpedo consoles that were not stacking.

The fact that there is no offical update from Cryptic is pretty well leaving us all in the dark.

I might add that I spent an hour googling as well as reading various threads in this forum looking for an answer to this question and found none.

I don't want to go get another field generator only to have it changed back in a new patch.

Originally Posted by moogleexe
I really wish consoles wouldn't stack with themselves, period. (Possibly an exception with power setting consoles.) It's made PvP such a disgusting min/max fest, where the number of console slots you have on a ship means nothing but the amount of times you can stack the same, identical console.

Originally Posted by ReginaMala View Post
I have to agree, as much as i like shield tanking. Its SO much more useful than any other science console, why wouldn't you just load up on these? I can get another hundred points of damage to my gravity well, recharge my shields 10% faster, or add another 2,000 points to each shield facing. <sarc>Hmm, which one is the best use of my science slot?</sarc>

I'll be very surprised if they remain stackable and still so powerful. And if they get stat-nerfed then hopefully they'll stop requiring unreplicatables to create. I'd really rather see them just be that one awesome limit-1 console though.


Previously I would switch beteen consoles that improved my Science Team / Extend Shields etc and Power Insulator consoles that protected me from shield/power drain. While these consoles would help some with their specialized functionality in their particular situations they certainly did not improve things monumentally.

Those consoles are in storage now. There benefit is nothing by comparrison to the increased shield capaicity I gain by mothballing them in favor of shield generators.

By adding two more Shield Generators for a total of three I gain an additional 6000 shield defense per facing bringing me up to roughly 18,000 total shield points per facing.

Sadly I have no choice but to do this now since everyone else will be doing the same and it would leave me gimped in PvP without the increased sheld capacity.

I think they should put it back the way it was and limit it one console to promote diversity of powers and function specialization.

This change in effect makes allmost all other science consoles useless by comparrison.

If they want to change things so players have far greater shield capacity they could merely increase the power of a single shield generator .

This change is bad for STO overall in my opinion since it destroys diversity and promotes further cookie cutter layout schemes.

Originally Posted by ReginaMala View Post
I think I'm gonna wait a couple of patches see if they fix this before jumping on the bandwagon with my RSV, but I really hope this gets fixed. There's just so much less character in stacking 3 of the same console. Blech. Buf if they keep it, you'd be at a big handicap not to do so.

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