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# 1 Server Downtime by the Numbers
03-18-2012, 05:11 PM
With so much talk about the downtime, and so little numbers being used, I thought I'd compile the actual times that the game has been offline. I posted this in another thread, but thoguht I'd give it it's own topic (the numbers are a bit different here because my spreadsheet is recalculating every so often and it's a bit later on now). Times are US Central (because I'm selfish and that's where I live), and based on the thread timestamps (I took 5 min prior to first dev post, I figure it takes them about that long to get online, to when they posted that the servers are back up; I took the scheduled start time on maintenance):

I'm going to try to refrain from posting my opinions; I'm not trying to rub anyone on either side the wrong way, so I'll try to stick with facts:

Anyway, here goes:

Time Down, Downtime, Type
Sun 3/18 16:31, 2.3 Hours, Unexpected
Thu 3/15 8:30, 2.2 Hours, Maintenance
Sun 3/11 20:25, 3.2 Hours, Unexpected
Thu 3/8 16:37, 4.2 Hours, Unexpected
Sun 3/4 22:51, 1.7 Hours, Unexpected
Fri 3/2 8:18, 1.8 Hours, Maintenance
Mon 2/27 15:02, 2.0 Hours, Unexpected
Sat 2/25 2:00, 1.8 Hours, Maintenance
Fri 2/24 8:00, 2.3 Hours, Maintenance
Tue 2/21 21:01, 2.2 Hours, Unexpected
Sun 2/19 2:00, 1.3 Hours, Maintenance
Thu 2/16 9:00, 1.5 Hours, Maintenance
Tue 2/14 9:00, 1.6 Hours, Maintenance
Sun 2/12 13:35, 1.1 Hours, Unexpected
Fri 2/10 2:00, 1.6 Hours, Maintenance

Last 40 Days: 96.8% Uptime (30.9 hr down, 46.2% scheduled)
Last 30 Days: 96.5% Uptime (25.2 hr down, 38.0% scheduled)
Last 20 Days: 96.8% Uptime (15.5 hr down, 26.3% scheduled)
Last 7 Days: 95.4% Uptime (7.8 hr down, 28.8% scheduled)

Just a few observations:
The overall uptime number of 96.5% for the last month is about 5.5 hours a week; I don't know how that compares to other MMOs
Of that 5.5 hours, 3.4 hours are unscheduled
The percentage of downtime as "Unexpected" is increasing recently: Up from 14.75% in mid-February to 73.7% in the last two weeks.
"Prime Time" play is most affected: In the last two weeks uptime between 4:00 PM and Midnight is 89.8%
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# 2
03-18-2012, 05:20 PM
Oh, and one other quick stat I noticed in the "Unexpected Downtime" threads... no matter what time the servers go down, 97.8% of members posting in the thread were just finishing up their best ever performance in an elite STF, with the first group they had played with all day that knew what they were doing, and were about to hit "Take All" on their goody bag with the prototype Borg salvage when the server crashed... what are the chances? :p
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# 3
03-18-2012, 10:07 PM
I don't know about best STF ever, or pugs, but there are private elite STFs made by circles of expert players that are regularly rolling practically around the clock. So good chances are that when servers go down a group or few were just about to finish up and collect on their reward.
It's unavoidable.
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# 4
03-18-2012, 10:27 PM
so basically the next unexpected down time should be Thursday 16:30

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