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Originally Posted by Aelfwin View Post
The Doomsday Device didn't need remastering .
It was epic to fight the doomsday device in your own ship .
It got to be a total fail to fight it in a rent-a-ship BOP .
The idea of letting the Feds fly a Kling ship was a good one , just not in a mission that had so much going for it in terms of canon .
There were two missions that were "epic Trek" in this game : The Doomsday Device and The Guardian .
One of those missions I can't bring myself to replay anymore .
No, Doomsday Device did need remastering. Maybe not as extensively remastered as it ended up (being forced into a BoP with crappy gear is annoying), but it needed it. The original mission had no explanation for what the Klingons were doing with the thing, you just warped into the system, took down the planet's defenses, beamed to the surface to steal the weapons and then there was the doomsday device. No explanation for where it came from, why it was in Federation space, why the Klingons were messing around with it, or why B'vat in particular was interested in it. The thing was just there, plopped into the middle of the system, and you just had to destroy the thing. There were so many gaps left to be filled in that the mission didn't make any sense whatsoever. While it wasn't the worst mission (Divide et Impera gets that distinction), it was definitely one of the bad ones that needed retooling for the sake of clarification.

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