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Hi guys,

I just tried to do Stranded in Space for the second time to get the Tac and Eng Accolades (i'm a sci) as well as the Plays well with others and the repeat the mission accolade.

However when the Tac officer tried to activate the console, nothing happened, the accolade didn't ding and we didn't get accolades when you finished the mission, even the one for doing it twice.

Is this something someone else has found?
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# 2
02-19-2012, 07:52 AM
I tried a few weeks ago and yes it was still broken/ is broken again.
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# 3 'Bug' confirmed
03-18-2012, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by Frenchy277
I tried a few weeks ago and yes it was still broken/ is broken again.
I can confirm this.
Instead of crossposting, I will see if we can get an answer in this post since it comes up first in Google when you look for 'accolade stranded in space':

Moved the problem over here, since some people complained about necroing and zombie-ing:

Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Your first line in your op, says you know it is an old post, digging it up is necroposting ,

Googling above and beyond accolade brings up this

the fourth listing says 'Above & Beyond' Accolade soon to be retired... click it

Read the page, click the link to Gozer's post, Or just skip all that and read this
As stated in the old post, I googled 'accolade stranded in space'.
The listing you mention, indeed states that the old accolade was to be retired.
But what still remains unclear to me is:
are just the conditions retired (rescue 12 ppl) or is the accolade 'Above and Beyond' itself also retired with the new condition (replay the mission Stranded in Space)?

If the accolade Above and Beyond is retired under the new condition, than I overlooked that in all the postings I read, but then the stowiki is outdated also.
But if the accolade Above and Beyond can still be completed by replaying the mission, than the stowiki is correct but then this is just bugged in my game and I will give it one more shot, replaying the mission exactly the same way I played it the last time, solo tactical.

I msged PhyrexianHero the following msg about this issue to see if he can come up with an anser:

Hi PhyrexianHero,

Would you be so kind to look into this problem, as I described in the following posts:
[most actual]
[old post]
[my reply to your post]

Some help on this subject would be really appreciated
Thanks in advance for reading this msg.

Ok, since the question remains unanswered sofar, I made sure the replay did not have to be played following exactly the same formation (solo) and steps (as described in old post) as the time I played it before. Again I took these steps, but still no Above and Beyond accolade:

(All in speed mode, except when fighting orion ships)
- replay from menu
- [In Progress-menu], make mission Primary
- fly to sol
- talk to Malcolm Sissel
- fly to azura
- Rescue the Azura
- fly through hole
- defeat orion ships (4x) - Attack Mode
- get anomalies (2x)
- scan azura
- go to transporter room
- speak to chief
- go to transporter, wait for away team to step inside (scan says 2 anomalies in the area??)
- Beam Out
- open container
- kill thugs (3 or 4x) and brute (1x) behind plasma
- bypass 1st plasma conduit
- take dropped items from thugs and brute
- skip 1st injured crewmember (no scientist on team)
- kill thugs (4x) and brute (1x) take items, scan and take 1st anomaly and open container
- skip 2nd injured crewmember (no scientist on team)
- bypass 2nd plasma conduit
- kill thugs (4x) and brute (1x) take items
- skip 3rd injured crewmember (no scientist on team)
- bypass 3rd plasma conduit
- Locate Warp Core and talk to Captain Brott
- Skip Scan Warp Core consoles in Warp Core room (no engineer on team)
- Scan and take 2nd anomaly
- Exit room, use console to the right and bypass plasma conduit (to use plasma against Orions)
- kill thugs (3x) and brutes (2x)
- Return to aft cargo, wait for movie with crew to be transported
- Go to transporter, wait for away team to stand on transporter
- Beam Out
- Speak to Transporter Chief
- Enter Turbo Lift, wait for away team to stand in Turbo Lift
- Destroy Orion ships (Orion Corvettes (2x) and Marauder Battleship (1x))
- Scan and take anomalies (2x)
- Transport Captain Brott
- Depart System
- [In Progress-menu], Hail Starfleet
- Select Dampening Armor
- Collect Reward

I also posted this question in my fleet, still waiting for a reply.
Even the stowiki is showing the accolade under both conditions, new and old:
[NEW conditions]
[OLD conditions, retired from what I understood from Gozer's posting about this accolade]

Anyone knows if the accolade under the NEW conditions is also retired, or does the accolade still exist?
And if it still exists, why is it not working on my side? Is there an official bug report for this accolade then?
What am I missing?
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# 4
03-18-2012, 11:19 AM
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Thanks a lot!
I am very curious about the test, the characters I tested with as described in this post
were also all F2P characters.

It is not only because of my interest in collecting as much accolades as possible for just the fun, but this is also
the first mission.
Since STO is simply a great product with lots of potential, it would be nice for the first impression that new players start off well.
Meaning that if they go to stowiki and see these accolades, they will find that the information is accurate.

Subject: Above and Beyond accoldae
It's possible this accolade is retired, though I wasn't aware of it and the last post in the thread seemed to indicate it could still be achieved.

I will check on a character I made post-F2P and ask around the Accolades channel.

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