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Hi, I'd like to get some feedback from the community on the idea of refitting and/or retrofitting the reconnaissance science vessel and the deep space sci vessel. While the intrepid and nebula class are fun ships to fly around in, I would still like to be able to fly my recon sci vessel in pvp and have a decent chance to win. At the moment, the recon sci ship's hull doesn't seem to be strong enough to be able to survive long against a bortasq cruiser, Kling tier 5 carrier, or a tier 4 or 5 Kling cruiser. However, this could be corrected.

I'm thinking the recon ship could be retrofitted to have to have 29,000 hull points, a Lt. Commander tactical boff instead of a lieutenant tac boff , 4 tactical consoles, and a universal science console.

Alternatively, it could be refitted to have a lt commander tactical boff and 4 tactical consoles with a universal console. Hull points would be the same-27,000.

The deep space science vessel could be retrofitted to have 31,000 hull points, a Lt. commander engie boff instead of a Lt. engie, 4 engineering consoles, and a universal console.

This one could also have a refit option with 4 engie consoles and a commander engineering boff alongside the ensign engie boff.

I mean, think about it. From an RP standpoint, upgrading these ships make a lot more sense than wasting Federation resources on retrofitting the intrepid class. The Recon and deep space sci ships are newer in design, so their hulls and computer systems should cost less to upgrade.

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