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I need assistance with the original look of the Odyssey (the one from the anniversary mission)
After adapting to this slick, sleek, stylish vessel I tried out different looks. But after seeing all these looks I decided to revert back. Sometimes the original is best

I have the Patterns down: Andromeda (Default); as well as the colors it uses: E11/E10; the windows: Type 4; Material: Type 6; the name: U.S.S. Odyssey; and registration: NCC-97000. I even have its original weapons load-out as it was down to which slots the Quantum Torpedoes were in:
fore: PBA, QTL, PBA, PBA.*
aft: PBA, PBA, PBA, QTL.*

However, I'm stuck on the Fleet Logo though Specifically the color. I know its an inverted 'Faction - Starfleet 02' emblem but can't seem to get the color down. From the pictures, videos, and from Odyssey-As that I've stopped to inspect, who haven't touched their paint scheme (lucky them), it looks like a hot red color. I've tried most of the reds, the ones that closely match the original color, but they are all to soft and either to light or to dark. HELP

*All are Mk XII versions of coarse.

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