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03-19-2012, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
What? are you talking about dude. (cause you like it) lol

So you are saying you are an escort that blows all his buffs in one run and gets upset when he gets sub noob beamed then... now it makes even more sense too me.

Really we had 3-4 pages of posts where many of the games best players talked about your OP and mostly disagreed will your Conclusions on Sub Nuke.

As far as playing you in a match... sure one night we ran into you in the ques.... too which we said hey its the sub noob crusader over there, then we though hey lets sub noob beam him a few times. (again you like these I understand) LOL

For the record ya I have seen you in your escort and you did a bit better.... of course at the end of the cruiser match you refer too you took the time to berate one of you team mates in zone chat for his dmg numbers... (a well respected pvp player in the community) even though we watched him chuck you tons of heals and extends ect as we tried to noob beam you too death.

Have fun Kill bad Guys.
- Husanak
Does Horizon get royalties when you use that? lol

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