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03-20-2012, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
In everything that's been mentioned about the new Klingon mission, it's been singular. ONE mission. Whoop dee doo.

They need to stop trying to make everything live up to FEs - it takes too long to add voice acting and cutscenes to all the new stuff. Besides, FEs are supposed to be special. Just make some regular missions already!

Edit: There was a thread a while back about what players considered content. As I recall, it focused on mission and stuff to do with items, not the items themselves. Cryptic has given us a book that ends on a cliff hanger, and instead of giving us the sequel, gives us a fancy new bookmark, and says "Here's the new content!" The bookmark is nice, but it's be even better if I had the new book to read it with...
They never needed the "new techs" and "redo the old zone/mobs/ai/costume for everything involved with the fe. If cryptic wants to, go ahead. But don't include it in the timeline. Well told fe's don't need that. This is star trek. Some of the best episodes didn't involve anything special. Just good storytelling.
Cryptic is running into the "bigger, better, louder" pushing the envelope problem and doesn't want to do fe's because of this fake cost. Use the foundry toolset and continue the story!!!!

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