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# 1 CHALLENGE: Technician Build
03-20-2012, 08:35 AM
So it's easy to make a beam boat build and label it "Dragon" and people to think it's something new or original... but what I want to see is something that's truly unique or different... and I think a good place to start is with the "Technician - Space" duty officer.

Technician - Space duty officer reduces cooldown of all Bridge Officer abilities by 4/6/8/10% (depending on DoFF quality) every time Aux2Emergency Battery is used. But you can use 3 of these guys... for a total of -30% cooldown.

Aux2Emergency Battery is a skill that's hard to use, so I'll try to explain it's ups and downs: it drains your AUX into your other 3 subsystems. It has a 10-second uptime and a 20-second global cooldown. It's main drawbacks are that (a) your aux-based power will be at zero aux for the 10-second uptime and (b) your Emergency Battery skills go on global cooldown along with your Aux2 skills [basically Aux2Emergency Battery has 2 global cooldown systems instead of 1].

Each of the other subsystems gain around 2 points for every five points of AUX.

But, what's good about it is it boosts your other 3 subsystems, and the Duty Officer allows you to run single copies of a variety of powerful skills as fast as (ideally) their global cooldown allows. If you chain 2 copies of AUX2Emergency Battery together, then every 20 seconds all your BoFF skills get -10%x3 cooldown... Beam Overload 3 will have a 12-sec cooldown (but really 15 cause that's it's GCD) instead of 30, etc, etc.

Anyone have any good ideas how to build a ship around this DoFF?

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