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Okay, the lack of participation may not be the biggest problem PVP has, but it seems to be the biggest that we can actually try to do something about without Dev intervention. Lately i've been trying to figure out ways to get more people interested in PVP.

One idea i've come up with is hosting a PVP seminar for players both new and old. Maybe showing them tactics and giving build suggestions in-game. I'd love to do this, but i'm not one of the best (i'm probably somewhat above the average PVP escort pilot, but not quite at the level of many in OPVP). If we could get maybe 5 or 10 of the top players, who use a variety of different ships and playstyles, we could hold some sort of introduction to PVP.

I think if we appropriated a seldom-used part of space, like the Romulus system near the memorial, we could use Zone chat to answer questions, use 1v1 challenges to provide hands-on instruction, etc.

Would this be something anyone is interested? If we can show the newer players how much fun PVP is, we might be able to successfully recruit enough players that we're not a tiny minority anymore. Which would be a good thing for all of us.

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