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# 1 Ask Cryptic: April
03-20-2012, 07:35 PM
When is it likely to start off with people asking questions or maybe this thread can be the start of it and branflakes can just move it where it needs to when the time is right?

If this does turn into an ask cryptic for april version. Then here is my questions.

1. Can you tell us what has been confirmed that "will" be in season 6?

2. Why do you not like the KDF as it seems cryptic and you Dan do not wish to flesh out the mission tree of the KDF.

3. Thought about klingon hunting grounds like hunting animals or bad *** monsters or somit on some jungle planets or somit? Kinda what klingons like to do when they get back to nature i.e the tng episode where worf finds a romulan camp with klingon pow's in and he teachers a kid about hunting and the thrill etc.

4. Shuttle stfs like the vault perhaps?

5. Has PWE given cryptic any resources yet to help fund development costs of what the players want i.e klingon missions (only missions) which is what is lacking the most for them and other things?

6. Any idea when all the planets can be beamed down to just to explore even if there is nothing in them. As you can only get on them through a mission which kinda seems weird for a trek game.

7. Nebula in maps that actually cause effects or other space oddities. Thinking of st armada and their nebula and effects like healing, blinding, damaging (radiation ones) etc. Could make for some interesting gameplay i think.

8. When will we be able to odds and ends (tasks) in our ships interiors that for example benefit our ship. I could see the scanning mini game being used for engineering in some way like balance the intermix ratio or adjusting shield frequencies etc. Maybe a onboard console which brings up a ingame library or perhaps use the net in the game i.e a console on your ship takes you to stowiki or something and only that.

9. I find the red interface very hurtful on the eyes when i play a klingon. Any chance we can have a toggle for the hud to be either klingon red or federation blue because im fine with the blue but the red hurts my eyes when im using the doff system or window with the boffs and skills etc. And having an ability to use the fed color scheme would help alot. I have no idea if other people have issues with the red or not but it really strains my eyes.

10. Any way to make the game boot up faster so i can get to the character selection screen quicker? Used to be quicker when the game came out but i find it takes quite a while (on a decent computer) now. Basically at the screen showing black with a fed symbol in the centre just after the cryptic logo i think it is.

11. Trek has always had a ships computer with a voice. Any chance we can have one and one that we can talk to and get voiced responses like in the show?

12. Ships slide/drift far too much lately. Can anything be done about it?

13. Ship customization screen. The ship is rather high at the top of the screen instead of centred. Any chance of making the ship be in the centre of the screen like it used to be or closer to what it used to be?

14. Will there ever be a cyptic office setup in the EU with a EU server located there. As alot of mmo's have one for USA and one for EU due to pings and timezone issues i.e people in the UK have a very hard time being in a fleet with ppl from USA for example or i used to. A split would be most welcome imo.

15. Will cryptic points ever have a benefit of buying more for less i.e a scaling bonus system where by players dont have a bonus at 400 points but will at each amount up the chain. As when i used to play world of tanks i could buy more gold for cheaper if i bought alot of it instead of little bits at a time. So i would get more value for my money if ordering in bulk like 14000 gold would be 16 or somit and would save a bit instead of buying 2x 8000 which would be 9 each for example or somit like that. Basically the more cpoints u get the more of a discount you get. As it stands now there is no difference between buying 400 points or 2000 points as it would cost the same which is just a bit weird compared to most other mmos i find.
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03-20-2012, 07:46 PM
Please wait until the questions thread shows up in the FNN before posting these Feel free to copy and paste the above as soon as it does.


Brandon =/\=
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