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Fire at will.. A power that is supposed to be used to help clear Mines, Pet Spam, and the like.
Tetryon Glider... an effect that is supposed to be useful in killing shields but has the side effect of being unresistable. Making it necessary to use in all PVP situations.
Aceton Assimilators, a Pay to Win Console that is used vs All energy weapon foes.
Theta Radiation... the little cousin to Eject Warp Plasma.. it's use is to drain shields but also can slow people.. another Pay to Win console as well.
Phaser Weapons... The most saught after weapon in the game because each weapon cycle of these weapons has a 2.5% chance, in space, to disable a subsystem.

Now you might be asking "Why are you telling us stuff we already know, Tea?" and the answer is the same that I have seen from time to time on the forums.. They are, in the wrong setting, aka PVP, over powered when used, especiallly En-masse. Half of that list is restricted to KDF only. And yet if it was not the case, you'd practically have the formula for any team of 5 players to, with the right power combination, be nearly unstoppable. It would make games silly. Almost not fun to play because you'd then only need 1 class of ship as well: Cruiser.

Now you might be saying "Well why not escorts?" Because a cruiser is ment to be a tank ship, and if you also have 5 Cruisers, each with Extend shields, circleing each other and throwing heals while mindlessly poping Fire at Will with Phasers. Why bother fly anything other then this combination? Sure an Escort is faster, more maneuverable, and such. But what can an escort do when you have Cruisers doing such things in tandum with each other? Not to mention Science ships.

No ship in this game right now is as powerful as the Cruiser. Sure people can complain about Carrier spam, or BoPs because of their Universal BO slots.. But really what can all those other nifty ships do when faced witih an organized team of Cruisers using any and all abilities to their advantage in concert with each other? Epecially what they can use from the list above.

Then add Sci's for Subnucing, and Tacs for Damage bolstering, or Engis for healers and you can circle all day long killing in your ball of Cruiser death.

Did I have a bad day today? Probobly a little in the PVP Ques. But maybe it's because I remember the good ole days, when nearly any build was viable. When you didn't have to rely on Pay to win consoles, or STF Set bonus tricks to win. When it was just the Powers, and ships, and your own skill that made you a good PVPer.

When did STO become about what you wear, and not who you are in PVP? Sure other games are focused on items, but they are usually 1 part of the equation. STO how ever seems to require all the same items and powers and ship type with little need for Variation. And this is supposed to be fun?

Judging by what gets released to the C-store, instead of released for all to be able to gain, it seems like more of the same is coming. So I ask you.. what should we, the players be doing about it? How should we be playing? And for that matter, why should we put up with it?

As I stare at other games, and even STO I ask my self those questions.. maybe one day I'll be able to give an educated answer to them. Or maybe Cryptic Studios will do that for me. Because as it stands Star Trek Online has once again been turned into Cruisers Online. Or maybe it has all along, and I've just been too blind to see it. And that, is a shame in and of it's self.

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