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# 1 Official Records: Nix (Omni-X)
03-22-2012, 08:34 PM

Service Number: 152879766549

Name: Nix (2408-Present Day)
[Formerly known as '9 of 11' -- Nine of Eleven, Diagnostic
Engineering and Fabrication Worker Drone of Unimatrix Three
( *Unkown Date - 2408)

Birthname: Floyd Nash

BirthPlace: Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America, Planet Earth

BirthDate: 2347 (Year of Birth Confirmed by Official United States Records.
Month/Day uncertain as these data fields were loss in the great data
transfer debacle of 2350.)

Species: Omni-X [Formerly Human. (Refer to year 2377 for explanation.)

*Note: Nix has the ability to change his appearance at will. However,
his Liberated Borg appearance is assumed to be Nix's 'Natural' or
'Base' form.



The U.S.S. Enterprise performs standard sensor sweeps in search of survivors after the battle of Wolf 359. Preliminary scans indicate life signs floating adrift in sector space. Interpreting the signs to represent a crippled escape pod, Captain Jean-Luc Picard initiates standard rescue procedure. Instead, Enterprise discovers a lone Borg Drone-- miraculously alive in space vacuum. Picard orders the drone beamed into Brig Cell 4, and assigns Mr. Worf to the brig with a security detail. The captured Drone identifies himself to Mr. Worf as, Nine of Eleven, Diagnostic Engineering and Fabrication Worker Drone of Unimatrix Three (9 of 11).

9 of 11 is transferred to StarFleet Medical to undergo a series of surgeries and evaluations in an attempt to successfully liberate him from the borg collective.

Dr. Raverhi, Chief Psychologist, StarFleet Medical, reports that, "… battery of Psychological tests confirm that patient 9 of 11, has successfully regained humanoid consciousness including, but not limited to: Logic, Morality, Acceptable Social Patterns, Reasoning, and Understanding of the Human Condition. It is my conclusion that patient 9 of 11 be deemed fit for re-entry into Federation Society as early as the StarFleet Behavioral Institutions Board of Trustees can next convene…"

Dr. Raverhi sends subspace message to (then) Director of StarFleet Intelligence {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} stating, "… having also been privy to Psychoanalysis of other Liberated Borg Humanoids-- Specifically Annika Hansed (aka 7 of 9 of U.S.S. Voyager during its Sojourn under Captain Janeway) I feel it is necessary to send you the following records. These records comprise various pshycological sessions between myself and 9 of 11, as well as older sessions between myself and 7 of 9. In fact, patient 9 of 11's only pre-assimilated memories are vague images of himself, siblings, and parents. He states they went into space to seek out information regarding the Hansen's earlier disappearance - a fact that I personally have confirmed after cross-referencing dated earth records. ... I believe SF intelligence will particularly be interested in the fact that both 9 of 11, and 7 of 9 were among the Borg Collective (albeit different vessels) during the Borg's First Contact with the Undine [Species 8472] on Stardate 50762….."

Dr. Shimbol, Director Of Physiology, StarFleet Medical Rehabilitation Centre {LOCATION REDACTED BY STARFLEET} submits a letter of refusal to StarFleet Behavioral Institutions Board of Directors stating that, "… although I do not dispute the psychological findings by Dr. Raverhi, Chief Psychologist, StarFleet Medical, regarding patient 9 of 11, I cannot- in good conscience-- recommend that patient 9 of 11 be re-instated into the general public. Unlike many of the recent successful reversions, patient 9 of 11 is heavily augmented by multiple cybernetic prosthetics. These implants are vital to his Physiological make-up, and at the time of this report, SF Medical has yet to devise a way to remove the implants safely. … It is my recommendation that patient 9 of 11's heavily-augmented appearance would invoke strong reaction from the Federation Citizenry -- which is steel reeling from the devastation of Wolf 359. I formally oppose 9 of 11's Citizenship application-- on behalf of the patients' personal safety."

Enters StarFleet Accademy at the insistence of (then) Director Of StarFleet Intelligence {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} stating that the heavily-augmented physiology possessed by 9 of 11 restricts the cadet from entering normal society, however due to his contributions to SF Intel regarding Species 8472, and strong desire to combat the very entity that enslaved him for nearly 20 years, SF Admissions should overcome their xenophobic tendencies and admit 9 of 11.


9 of 11 Attends SF Academy in pursuit of and Engineering Career, simultaneously working for Starfleet Intelligence as {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} and gaining many marks of excellence from both SF Academy and SF Intelligence.

During his annual Physical in 2673, Doctors make note that 9 of 11's aging process has seemingly been halted. Perhaps to the Borg augmentations-- accounting for the discrepancy between his actual age and his perceived age.

Graduated Academy with Distinction in Engineering with consideration for future command track.

Assigned to Planitia Utopia Shipyard to oversee and implement prototype {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} upgrades to the U.S.S. Phoenix-X. Starfleet states that at the present time it is better for 9 of 11 to serve in this manner due to his almost-exclusive knowledge of Borg {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} technology and the possible unease of fellow crewmembers serving with an officer that still looks 'completely Borg'.

Despite StarFleet's uneasiness, Captain Daniels of the U.S.S. Phoenix personally requests 9 of 11 as an Ensign Engineering officer aboard the Phoenix stating that that 9 of 11's experience in fitting the ship will be needed direly in case of emergencies involving the prototype {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE}. StarFleet agrees, and 9 of 11 recieves his first commission aboard a starship.

A rogue Q escapes the Q continuum and changes his name to X. X felt it unnecessary to live by the Q's rules, or even to continue living, so X committed suicide and gave his powers to Captain Daniel of The U.S.S. Phoenix. 9 of 11 is one of the eyewitnesses to this phenomenon.

Captain Daniels was revisited by another X, and removed the majority of Daniel's powers. The X explained that many Q's from the Q continuum were going rogue and were now called X (designating themselves as Rogue Q). This group of X were scouring the universe recruiting mortals to become X's themselves. The X had created rules for this 'game', which stated that the Omni-X (morals bestowed with a fraction of the X power [which is the same as the Q omnipotence]) could grow their minimal power in time, or increase the rate at which they would obtain full X powers by meditating or fighting.

As the X recruited more and more mortals, a part of space was turned chaotic and then encapsuled in a growing temporal energy called X-time. This was to be the new X-Continuum that all Omni-X would ascend to once they reached omnipotent status.

9 of 11 became Omni-X during this time, though displayed no significant powers immediately after this change.

9 of 11 is promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Engineering Officer of the U.S.S. Phoenix-X after {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE}.

Citing "unknown and unperceived consequences of the Omni-X state", StarFleet reassigns 9 of 11 to the San Francisco Shipyards as construction begins on the Stargazer-A. Starfleet states it expects the construction to last a little more than a year, and if 9 of 11 displays no alarming 'side effects' from becoming Omni-x during this time, he will be considered to rejoin the space fleet.

9 of 11 receives award from Starfleet Corps of Engineers for actions directly responsible for the swift completion of Stargazer-A.

StarFleet denies 9 of 11's request to rejoin the space fleet. He appeals the decision.

Starfleet denies 9 of 11's appeal to rejoin the space fleet, but puts no restrictions on serving with the Corps of Engineers, or any other Terran-based facility.


Serves on Memory Alpha as a researcher and Consultant to StarFleet Intelligence. (Then) Director of StarFleet Intelligence {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} makes this possible in hopes that the researchers at Memory Alpha will be able to make some determination regarding 9 of 11's irremovable cybernetic implants and the effects of becoming Omni-X.

In 2383, Rein (A Talarian Omni-X) is the first to finally ascend to omnipotent status, becoming the first recruited X in existence, and creating the X-Continuum [and consequently the only occupant of it].

Astonished at the news of Rein's full ascention, and believing that his heavily-augmented appearance is the cause for StarFleet's recent decisions to keep him on terran assignments, 9 of 11 begins extensive personal research to discover a safe way to remove some of his vital implants.
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# 2 Nix's Record Continued
03-22-2012, 08:35 PM
Starfleet transfers 9 of 11 to Planitia Utopia Shipyard to assist with retrofitting the Enterprise-E.

Citing, "An inability to gain promotion due to a seven year absence in space service", 9 of 11 once again petitions StarFleet to rejoin space duty. Starfleet Denies his request once again stating that his Engineering expertise is direly needed in retrofitting the Enterprise-E, but awards him a rank promotion to Lt. Commander in compensation.

Inexplicably, all implants and prosthetics have disappeared from his body, except for internal nanites and an eye visor. Astonished, Memory Alpha Commander transfers 9 of 11 back to StarFleet Medical for immediate examination.

StarFleet Medical reports that 9 of 11 has learned to gain complete control of his Borg Nanites, as well as being able to change his appearance at will. They determine the only possible explanation of this is the Omni-X incident, and that the vast amount of research 9 of 11 had been involved in must have accelerated his progression toward an omnipotent X. And in turn, his increased 'X-powers' allowed him to reject (and compensate for) all lost cybernetics. However, Starfleet medical confirms that no matter what form 9 of 11 assumes, his DNA is constant, and therefore is not and Undine Infiltrator.

9 of 11 again formally appeals Starfleet to allow him back into space service, stating that the only manifestations of the X-power have been positive emanations and that due to these powers, he now possesses less cybernetic appendages than many already serving aboard starships.

He also formally petitions to change his official name from 9 of 11 to Nix, hoping that a less 'hive-sounding' name may help his cause.

The StarFleet Judge Advocate General's office agree, and restates Nix's eligibility pending a mandatory Medical Examination.

Nix passes his medical examination, and is eligible for space duty. Starfleet Medical adds addendum to the report stating that the Nix is now able to use his X-power to halt his aging process, and has gained the ability to manipulate his own Borg Nanites (previously used to halt the aging process) to perform additional abilities--at will.

The Federation Science Council assigns U.S.S. Tucker to perform the annual survey of the Hobus Cinder. Admiral Janeway is commanding officer of the Tucker for the duration of the survey mission, and requests Nix to accompany her, stating, "… I hereby request Nix (formerly 9 of 11, formerly Floyd Nash, as a special advisor aboard the U.S.S. Tucker for the duration of the annual Hobus Cinder survey due to the unique, first-hand knowledge he possesses regarding the Undine. As I believe the Hobus disaster was {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE}… "

Nix joins newly-created StarFleet Task Force to investigate Species 8472[Undine] on recommendation by 7 of 9 (Annika Hansen).

Fearing events associated with {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE} is accelerating the X-power too rapidly, Nix accepts an assignment to assist Starfleet Corp of Engineers with cloaking technology experiments. Starfleet puts high priority on the research/experimentation following the U.S.S. Kelso disaster.

Nix rejoins the Federation Special Task Force 8472 after Captain T'vix of the U.S.S. Cochrane and two other members of her command staff are removed from duty while on assignment monitoring the neutral zone.

Citing his knowledge of Borg Engineering and nanotechnology, Nix accepts a personal request from newly-appointed Head of StarFleet Corps of Engineers, Miles O'Brien.

StarFleet Corps of Engineers suggests StarFleet start using a modular system permitting captains to customize their vessels and speed up repairs. Nix is awarded for his contributions in the Modular Development.

Corp of Engineers credit Nix for developing new power cell technology that makes personal shields possible for all personnel. Starfleet starts issuing these personal shield generators on a trial basis. Nix receives commendation for his part in the power cell research.

Admiral Chakotay is named new head of StarFleet Intelligence. Nix accepts position at StarFleet intelligence the Department of {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE}.

Admiral Chakotay promotes Nix to Commander, for valor during {REDACTED BY STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE}.

A Starfleet Committee conducts a research showing that due to deaths and retirements, Starfleet is facing a shortage of captains. Starfleet changes the way promotions are given, allowing for officers to increase in rank more quickly.

Admiral Chakotay promotes Nixto Captain of the U.S.S. Cheshire.

Nix joins Task Force OMEGA.

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