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I'm working on a foundry mission involving the Gorn and two very obvious problems exist.
Both are in the costumes tabs, no matter what way I approach it or what project I use or whatever.
First, a bunch of the special klingon ships show up as the Varanus fleet support vessel. The list that does it includes: corsair flight deck carrier, Dacoit flight deck carrier, Dragus fleet science vessel (of which there are two listed. Both are affected by glitch), and Phalanx fleet science vessel (and the repeat "Phalanx science vessel"). The problem seems to be that the buttons for these ships simply link to the Varanus because clicking them under the drop-down list sends you to the Varanus costume.
Second, the Gorn characters, and only the Gorn, don't have: shoulder width, shoulder bulk, Torso length, and torso bulk. The sliders aren't there at all, only the head and arm and leg variables exist. Maybe this is intentional, but it doesn't make sense if I can access them in regular game play but not in Foundry.
Fixing these will be great for my missions, thanks.

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