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03-23-2012, 09:41 AM
Ok I'm rather new to STO, however I'm completely hoooked. I came over as a F2P and it took all of a week to upgrade to Gold. Thank you Cryptic for an awesome game! Not sure which are short, mid, or long term, but here's my wishlist nonetheless...

As previously stated.. I'd like my interior to be much more functional. Interaction with Bof's and even Doff's would be awesome.

Interiors scaled and unique for their perspective ships. The Ready Room, quarters, and engine rooms are all generic. Give me something exciting to explore when I get my new ship.

Some missions that involve your interior would be nice as well.. there don't seem to be very many diplomatic or scientific missions, add some that utilize the ships interior.

Definatly like the idea of growable doff's. perhaps even Bof's\

And lastly give me additional slots for Boff's stations. Why spend all the BoP's if I can only use the first or second slot. I understand you can't have all stations at cmdr, but on the higher end ships.. at least let me utilize a few more of my Bof skills...


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