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I like the idea of having more immersion. It is nice to be able to walk around the ship every now and then to look at things, BUT:

There is this 19th century invention called the phone, that would work just great for most of what happens in the assignment business. I do not like to run around just to ask people whats up, when i can do it from the comfort of my chair as well. Why would this be different in the future?

We simply need the ability to access the various department lists from outside the ship (be that sector space or on foot).. there is no reason really not to do this. On some ships, you can access all departments from a single console.. this is already a lot better than what I have on my standard ship, where i have to visit 7 different officers at 4 different locations to get the full picture. It is - however - far from being the best possible solution.

Fact: there is a lot more going on inside the ship now, that requires a lot more attention to deal with
Fact: (though a subjective one) the ship interiors are UGLY
Fact: the load times between sector changes are too long even on my SSD driven monster rig. Having to wait 5-10 seconds to go from the bridge to the crew deck is NOT acceptable if you have to do that several times in short succession. I don't even want to think about how I would hate this game if it weren't for the SSD speeding things up.
Fact: The novelty value of the officers that you can talk to wears out kinda fast and is replaced by increasing frustration over the added need for micromanagement.

Considering all these facts, I suggest you consider the above mentioned idea of creating several new sections in the assignment journal below personal..

Same goes for location specific assignment 'vendors'. There is no reason for me to meet with the Andorian representative in a back alley to arrange a cultural exchange when we can do that just as fine over the phone.

If there is some special assignment vendor that you want to 'hide', then this makes sense.. but for the guys that are always available and provide the same general assignments.. this only makes our life all that harder.

Fix it. Thanks.

EDIT: Also - as it is right now, you can try to start missions that are on cooldown (from the various shipboard NPC menus) only to get a message from the system that it failed to start the mission. This is highly annoying and leads to lots of confusion as it gives no indication as of why it failed.

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