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I'm going to use Dual Beam Banks and Dual (Heavy) Cannon on a fleet escort as an example, but this can apply to a lot of ships.

Reference Picture:

Whereas torpedo and turret fire both seem to come from the two vertically aligned weapon dots, both DBBs and DHCs seem to come from the outermost spots (yellow arrows), thus causing overlap. The outer two pairs are obviously for quad cannons, but this leaves spots like the indicated pair of dots above the deflector unused. Those probably aren't actual weapons dots, but I don't see why that couldn't be fixed :p

In my mind, it would make sense for the dual beam banks to be located there (blue arrows) - it fits the little icon better, it puts the beam emitters out in front of the ship where the risk of firing thru the ship with the 90-dec arc is less (REALLY apparent on the Hermes ...), and quite frankly I think it would look neat to see a denser wall of fire.

As I mentioned, this could apply to a lot of ships - something like x different spots for each weapon type, if applicable, just to make things more ... even? A friend was complaining that all 8 turrets on a lolturret Bortas fired from the same spot, so maybe two or three possible spots per side for fire to come from? idk.

{edit}Can a mod move this to Art of Star Trek Online? Must have had the wrong tab open when I hit "Post New Message"{edit}
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03-23-2012, 01:19 PM
I just posted in another thread about this. I too use a Turret Bortas because it just seems to fit the look of the ship, but they only fire from two points on the ship. One in front and one in back.

Please add more visual hardpoints on all ships.

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