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# 1 Sharien's Swords Stalemate
03-23-2012, 07:58 PM
Playing the Sharien's Swords mission and stuck on a stalemate with the first ship in the mission, the D'Deridex Defender. The thing heals faster than I can damage it, but it doesn't have enough firepower to do more than annoy me. After a 15 minute fight I just gave up, Evasived out of weapons range, warped out of the system. There some way to make it stop spamming powers on a 15-second cooldown or something?

Running a Recon Science Ship with an engineer captain, 4 Phased Polaron Arrays, 2 Quantum Torps, all Mk XI. My damage-dealing BOFF powers are Gravity Well 2, Charged Particle Burst 2 (which I don't really like but don't see anything else to put in the slot), High Yield Torp 2, Fire At Will 1. Power levels are 95/58/58/73.

This guy isn't deadly, just obnoxious. So whats the trick that makes him die?

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