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Ok seems like War zone is getting removed and every time i go into a war zone I get kicked in a PVP game I do not want to ever do. So instead I've decided to come here and post this.

Ok let's compare a Star fleet ship captain to a mercenary ship captain.
1:How ships are handled between the two.
-How a star fleet ship captain get's a ship.
Star fleet would assign the ship to the captain.
-How a mercenary ship captain get's a ship.
The mercenary would have to buy the ship or if lucky enough could even buy multiple.
2:How weapons are handled.
-A star fleet ship captain or first officer would fill out a requisition form at no cost. Then star fleet would dispatch a ship with the items on board for delivery.
-A mercenary ship captain would have to buy the weapons and equipment.
-Star fleet officers are required to follow strict regulations in equipment, uniforms and even weapons.
-Mercenary units do not follow any regulation what so ever except what they choose to.

Signs our character is in fact an independent mercanery unit and not related to either the federation of klingon empire directly.
1: In the 2800 mission set you have to convince both the gorn and the star fleet.
If you where star fleet it would not be required to convince him any.
Given as a klingon empire character it would be required to convince him as the klingon empire fleet is owned by houses not the empire directly.
2: You are not required to ware a star fleet uniform
Instead you can choose any uniform be it mirror, mercenary, formal what ever.
3: Your ship is not required to comply to star fleet regulations.
You fit a wide verity of weapons that are not star fleet issue. "Tetryon, anti-proton, Plasma, The list go's on and on."
4: Behavior that is not of a star fleet officer.
-You craft your own weapons. "As klingon this is correct. But as star fleet nope you would requisition the stuff."
-You perform mining duty's
A klingon would do the mining then when the ferengi tryed to rip you off you would of killed the ferengi and claim the mine.
A federation ship captain would assign duty officers to do the mining then chill out board the ship.
5: Behavior in battle
-Klingon's would just attack and not bother to talk.
-Star fleet ships always trys to find a peace full solution then when that fails that they use there weapons.

End score.
Klingon side: Correct "But lacks choice to honor the war with the federation or not."
Federation side: Needs to be renamed to independent federation mercenary.

Well that was fun and pointless.
Also Cryptic thank you for sucking part of the fun of star trek online the war zones you suck.
I now warp into a war zone then get hijacked into a PVP game.
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03-24-2012, 10:04 AM
Clue, war zones have ALWAYS been open pvp zones, ALWAYS...
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03-24-2012, 10:45 AM
Couple of problems with the OP's assessment. One, Starfleet crews can and do construct their own gear when the mission calls for it - if the TV series is anything to go by, they build their own gadgets more often than Starfleet hands them out. Two, there is no "peaceful solution" available when the other ship is already charging weapons; either you fight back or get blown up.
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03-24-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Clue, war zones have ALWAYS been open pvp zones, ALWAYS...
It is kind of mind boggling, but if we step back and take a look at it for a moment - we can see that some Feds experience Ker'rat as a PvE zone until they hit 20. They never instance hopped - they never saw any KDF - etc. Then all of a sudden, for them, it becomes a PvP zone...even though, it's always been one. There's just not 1-19 level KDF now for them to see that.

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