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03-24-2012, 05:22 PM
Gold status doesn't have any justifiable value. I thought that was already determined? Gold seems to only exists for LTS to basically give us the 400 CPoints a month, and so that our experience isn't made significantly worse than it was before the game went F2P.

The only value of the auto dilithium refining is that you don't have to waste your time with it. I haven't one time bothered to manually refine dilithium. Once again, I think it's mostly about keeping the experience the same. We don't have to be bothered with having to remember to manually refine our badges.
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# 42
03-24-2012, 05:24 PM
To be clear, I can see a refinement cap if it's possible to get more than the intended amount per day/per week.

I can see the cap on where and how the currency gets issued if there's no refinement cap.

But double capping it at around 8k seems silly and makes mechanics that bypass the refinement limit (the DO assignment, the auto refinement) seem pointless.

I would have absolutely no problem with removing the refinement cap under the current system although I can see where that would allow exploits with a bugged mission.

But WITH a refinement cap, I don't see why you'd stop people from amassing a healthy surplus of dilithium.

Unfortunately, this is one of those topics I don't expect a dialogue about unless a podcaster springs it in an interview.
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# 43
03-24-2012, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Yeah, but that's just a critique of his work. The reason he was called in to redo his prior work was to make the content more accessible to more players.

I agree. Which is why the revamp was supposed to take the "raid" feel out of what passed for "raids" in this game.

In this game, all of that now hinges on one's ability to farm. I think the Dilithium Grind is more comparable to "gold farming" in other raid-centric MMOs than it is actual content consumption.

Ya its a critique of his work. They may be shorter then they were before, but they are just raids, with a specific strategy that you have to do and not very exciting at all. The gear system and vendors is convoluted and not suited to average players either. My point stands, that most average players dont play STFs.

I also dont agree that exploration missions, story missions, or socializtion with friends hinges on Dilithium farming. The average player doesnt care about the Cap.

The cap is in place to prevent what happened with energy credits.

I agree that there should be more varied ways to get Dilithium though. Having a small Dilithium reward per mission, like 36 Dilithium I mentioned earlier. Maybe even make Accolades worth Dilithium as well.
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# 44
03-24-2012, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainQuirk View Post
Without the 8000-unit limit per day on RD, then RD might as well just be Energy Credits 2.


Cryptic knows where the sweet spot is. and as they have said, if the economy shifts too far one way or the other, they can always make adjustments to things to bring it back into balance.
Under the new F2P system that was brought in with season 5 the dilithium system sucks.

I played this game before F2P and i liked the old currencys, i could earn enough badges to buy some decent gear when i got promoted to a new rank, and get some use out of them. With the current dilithium system by the time i had enough dilithium to buy a couple of new ship weapons i was beyond them rank wise and the gear for my new rank was beyond my reach, i found this happen all the way through my F2P experiance.

That is not indication of a working economy, that is a very broken economy, a broken economy thats worse than what it was before. If dilithium was ungated like the badges were i could have ground some stuff to buy some decent gear every rank or so. But wait i forgot since im F2P im not meant to be able to earn enough via ingame means, im meant to splash my cash in the dilithium store everytime i rank up and need new gear
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# 45
03-24-2012, 09:13 PM
I tend to think some are missing the OP's purpose here. That purpose is to have value in paying for a subscription. Why should he pay with basically no benefit from it. I've often asked myself of their current setup.

The clear answer is that they no longer want your subscription business.

I truly dislike their F2P model, as there are better ones out there. However, the current system was given to them from on high, so I don't think even they have the power to alter it.
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# 46
03-24-2012, 09:32 PM
Originally Posted by Katic View Post
A reward of say, 1K Dilithium Ore per hour spent actively in-game (no keyboard breaks longer than 15 minutes) would be fair, I think. Limit it to Golds, and suddenly Golds have just that much more worth (something Golds currently lack).
Question... how would the developers institute a program that determines if a player is or is not at their keyboards and subsequently rewards players who are at their keyboards with Dilithium every hour... without being fooled by people using Bot Software?

Oh and why should something like this be limited solely to Gold Members? Seems to me that the Gold Members in this game think too highly of themselves and treat the Non-Gold Members as if they don't have the same rights as the Gold Members. Sad to say though that its not really the Gold Members' subscriptions that are paying for this game anymore... it is the Cash Shop that is doing the job now, and the entirety of the system known as Ker'rat as it existed prior to yesterday's update hindered the income flow of the cash shop and ran the risk of destroying this game faster than anything else would have.

Originally Posted by virusdancer
So you want to be able to grab near $100 worth of CP via Dil in a week or two... you realize that it would destroy the pricing in the exchange and nobody would buy Dil...thus, you couldn't get what you wanted anyway.

You want 244 days worth of Dil for a single toon in a week or two?
Er either he goofed on his figures or you did... 700 to 800 Cryptic Points is the equivalent of 8.75 to 10.00 United States Dollars... not 100 USD. 100 USD would be the equivalent of 8,000 Cryptic Points... Though it should be noted that even 800 Cryptic Points is worth about 200,000 Dilithium (that would have been approximately 416.6666666666667 individual Ker'rat runs (divide that number by 3 to get actual number of missions) while that was still available for anyone who is interested). To put that in perspective 8,000 Cryptic Points would have taken 4166.666666666667 individual Ker'rat runs in order to obtain.

Originally Posted by Katic View Post
Or if they're not a grinder and thus don't earn 8K a day, ever. Then it's not a perk at all.

A player should not be at a disadvantage simply because they aren't a grinder.

There has to be a way for people who don't grind dailies, who play, but don't spend their time doing repeatables, to earn Dilithium at a faster pace than the 1-200 possible through the Doff system.
Cryptic Studio's and by proxy Perfect World Entertainment are under no obligation to reward people who purposefully desire to punish themselves by not putting the work into trying to earn the only form of currency that can be converted into Cryptic Points in a manner that is far more effective than the Duty Officer System. If you do not wish to make the effort to meet Cryptic half-way, then stop complaining when they do not provide you with resources that reward you for being LAZY!!!!!

Originally Posted by Katic View Post
I would say that was true if there was an alternate way other than Dilithium or C-points to get ships, better-than-Uncommon gear, or to Craft, but everything, the C-Store, Rare & better gear, Crafting, all of it utilizes and necessitates Dilithium.

There are people who are skilled at playing MMOs in general and STO in particular who can get by with the absolute basic gear no matter the challenge, who can play through the game in a Shuttle or a T1 ship, who can survive just off of Common drops, but those people aren't the average player, and the way they play isn't a realistic expectation for the rest of us.

So for those people, Dilithum Gear, Crafted Gear, C-store ships.. Those are what they need to compete in PvP, what they need to be an asset in STFs, what they need to not die repeatedly in PvE..

And it's all gated by Dilithium, which right now, is not easy to come by unless you're willing to suffer through daily grinding.
God you complain a lot. You are either the laziest person I have ever met or someone who really doesn't understand how this game works.

To get gear without using Dilithium that is better than uncommon is rather simple if you manage to have obtained a rather decent amount of Energy Credits OR have the ability to participate in STF's (which Ironically is currently one of the easiest ways to obtain Dilithium). Interestingly enough at high levels STF based gear is generally better than just about all the other gear in the game with the possible exception of gear obtained from events such as the 2800, or from crafting (i.e. the Aegis gear). But Ironically getting STF gear 9/10 times does not rely upon any Dilithium. In fact most of the time it doesn't even cost any money aside from what you spent to outfit your Ship at the start of the run. In fact a friend of mine and I have both almost completely outfitted our respective Odyssey Class ships with STF Gear simply by participating in the Normal Mode STF's. Neither of us has even bothered to touch an Elite STF with a 10 mile long stick at least until we have gotten our basic STF Gear squared away first.

Alternatively, as was mentioned earlier, you can also utilize the storyline missions to obtain items that are significantly better in many cases than the items in the Dilithium Store for their respective levels.

For Lower Levels than Rear Admiral, Lower Half, having the most elite of gear possible really shouldn't be all that big of an issue. But if it is, learning to use the Exchange properly is probably the best course of action, as opposed to trying to buy all of your gear off of the Dilithium Store.
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# 47
03-25-2012, 03:24 AM
Originally Posted by helixsunbringer
Er either he goofed on his figures or you did...
It was me. I read it as 7800 not 7-800...lol. World of difference there. Heh, like I concluded my post there - I knew I could not have been reading it right. Sleep is good, finally got some...lol, egg on my face.
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# 48
12-22-2013, 11:18 AM

This is how it breaks down for me pertaining Dilithium ore

Mining Fleet 200 dil per mining site x 5=1000 Dil
Mining regular 200 dil per mining site x 5= 1000 Dil
Rich mining Claim for dil mining site = 5000 Dil
I then run Borg Hive Elite, Conduit, Kitomer, and Cure 960 Dil per mission= 3840
(I can Borg rotation 3 times per day with my fleet) =11520
Aiding Defari Daily=1440 Dil
Emancipation Daily= 480 Dil
Defari Captives=480 Dil
Eta Eridani Kerrat Scavengers= 1440
Klingon Scout Force Daily= 960
The big dig Daily=960
Repairing utopia planeti= 1000k
This comes in totaling 25, 280 Dil.
I am selling Marks for dil at this point since All reputation is filled except dyson.
50 marks= 500 Dil, and 5 borg implants = 1000 k dil.

The other dil comes from keeping 20 DOFF mission constantly circulating, and a Stockpile of Marks to sell.
In four and a half days I went from zero dil to 213,237 Dil /4 =53309.25k dil per day.

My Question is how do I increase the amount of dil refined per day, without spend real hard cash.
I am in college, and former military, so College is paid for and I just play this game. That is where all my free time comes from.
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12-22-2013, 11:25 AM
Remember, don't necro.However, I would like to run that Utopia Planatia mission for 1000K dilithium!
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# 50
12-22-2013, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by admiraltrappitt View Post
Remember, don't necro.However, I would like to run that Utopia Planatia mission for 1000K dilithium!

I was told means don't rehash old threads. I am sorry for doing so. But it would help to actually refer me to somewhere one can answer my question.

That would be more helpful than stating something I didn't know I was doing.

Just for future clarify the meaning of necro, also the Planetoid whatever is 1400 dil. My Bad.
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