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03-25-2012, 04:08 AM
Just because everybody says your wrong doesn't mean you are. Take for example the guy who got laughed at for saying the world was not flat. Although I don't believe this is the case here.
if you are reffering to christopher columbus, that story is just not as true as it is told. The under educated sailors of that time believed the earth to be flat, and all other uneducated people. Fact was, that it was already established that the earth was a ball, about one century before. Columbus was actually wrong in his calculations...he calculated earth diameter, and was off by about 1/3. thats why he thought he could cross the ocean (atlantic and pacific in just a few weeks). to his "luck" there was another continent inbetween so they didn't die on the journey.

if you refer to galileo, he statet that the earth was moving around the sun...which was also already established, but he was the only one to publish a book about it and got persecuted by the catholic church, because it had religious implication. Scholars of his time, knew the earth was not the centre of the sole system.

But sure, swimming against the stream is necessary...but one must be twice as brilliant and has to be able to backup his theorys with facts. In this Thread, the OP refuses to bring any facts that count. the numbers at the end of a PVP match do not reflect anything, only your e-peen!

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