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Okay, love my cruiser and being an engineer first off. I have even spent a lot of time experimenting with using a Fleet Escort for a while. Learned lots, first of which is that as an Engineer Captain, it feels right to be inside a badass Sovvy. With that, my DPS is lacking during PVP, so I am looking to up it a little. I am questioning getting rid of all my Tetryon beams for Phasers. The question is, for cruiser DPS in PVP (i know im not an escort, looking for a more efficient build) is phaser a better bet then tetryon? Current weapon spread:

Fore: 1 DBB Tetryon 3 BA Tetryon all MK XI VR
Aft: 4 BA Tetryon MK XI VR

I am thinking of changing this to reincorporating Quantum or transphasic torps for a possible build of:

Fore: 1 DBB 2 BA 1QT/TT or 2 BA 2 QT/TT
Aft: 3 BA 1 QT/TT

This would also mean changing my Tac boffs from TT1, BO1, APB1 to something with HYT...maybe HYT1, BO1, APB1 or FAW1, BO1, HYT2,

Thoughts? I'm planning on using APtID for better turn rate and one RCS console. Just after a boost to dps as since I have gone to beam boat...I've been doing rather poor, except for mah fat heals which are still fat.

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