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# 1 Help with a Dreadnought
03-27-2012, 06:48 AM
I've been doing a lot of stf elite in my Dreadnought and all i get from people that fly Escort is greif, because im in a Cruiser and they think that im next to useless and the stf going to fail, I've had one escort player take the p*ss for 20 min because of the DPS i was doing and telling me to go and park my ship out of the way is the only useful thing i should do, i cant even tank a cube for longer than 2 min and the gates are an insta pop at times. In pvp it's 50/50 i can tank for a while and extand my ships shields to someone else but now and then i get a player who can take me out in 5 secs, i switch between weapons and shields when needed. IS MY SHIP SETUP WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! or are Escort the only ships that are suited to stf, i do have a Defiant Escort but i dont like it because STO is all about the big white ships to me.......... I also think it's stupid that you can only repair 1 ship at a time or am i doing this wrong as well ?

As you can guess my char an Engineering

Dreadnought X my Setup at the moment

Fore Weapons
2 Antiproton Borg Beam Arrays XII
1 Quad cannon (because i like it and pad for it)
1 Quantum Launcher XII

AFT Weapons
3 Antiproton Borg Beam Arrays XII
1 Antiproton Turret XII

Borg Deflector Dish
M.A.C.O Sheild MXIII
Borg Engine

Engineering Slots
2 EPS Consoles XI
1 Plasma Distribution Console XI
Neutronium Alloy MK XI

Science Slots
1 Emitter Array XI
1 Field Gen XI

Tact Slots
2 Antiproton Mag Reg XI
1 Zero Point Quantum Chamber XI


(1) Beam array Overload I, Torp high yeild II
(2) Tactical Team I

(1) EPW I, Engineering Team 2, EPTS III, Extend Shields III
(2) EPTS I, APTSIF I, Eject Warp Plasma I

(1) Hazard Emitters I, Tractor Beam II

Borg Pink - Projectile Weapons Officer
Green - Matter-Antimatter Spec
Green - Tech Space
Pink - Warpcore Engineer
Blue - Tractor Beam Officer

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