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Ok, so, I'm in suspect that the Starship Power Insulator skill is a bit borked, as in vastly more effective than it should be.

Hypothesis: Are subsystem drains working as intended; and are interactions between drains and Starship Power Insulators as intended as well?

TLDR: Power Drains aren't draining as much as they say they should be against targets without Starship Power Insulators, and against targets that do have it, the issue is compounded several fold, either by a second issue, or SPI nerfing what's already a broken drain.


Base Values

Science Drain Boat
Nebula Refit (VA)
1x Polaron Beam Array
2x Polaron Cannons
3x Polaron Turrets

227 Starship Flow Capacitors
(+99 Skill, +24 JHAS Def. 4x Blue SFC MK XI)

Energy Siphon 3, Tyken's Rift 2, Target Subsystem 1


Tactical Drain Boat
Fleet Escort
1x Dual Beam Bank

176 Starship Flow Capacitors
(+99 Skill, +24 JHAS Def, 2x Blue SFC MK XI)

Target Subsystem 3


Tactical Odyssey w/ 0PT SPI
Fleet Escort w/ 15PT SPI (JHAS 2pc Set) also tested with 0pt SPI

Experement 1: Science on T.Odyssey with 0pt SPI..
Target Tested with 125/100 Shield Power

Energy Siphon III
► Drains Target from 125 to 110
Energy Siphon, Tyken's Rift, Beam Target Shields 1
► Zero to all subsystems while Tyken's in effect.

Experement 2: Science on Fleet Escort
Target Tested with 125/90 Weapon Power
Target Tested with both 23pt and 0pt SPI

Energy Siphon III
► Drain from 125 to 110 with 0pt, No drain with 23pt
Energy Siphon, Taken's Rift. Target Subsystem Weapons 1
► Drain from 125 to 100~105 with 23pt, Zero All with 0pt while Tyken's in effect.

There are claims that the 2pc Maco +15 SPI is going as far as making 8-beam cruisers unable to fall below 95/100 weapon power whilst firing, but as every piece of Maco gear I have is of different marks, I was unable to verify that claim.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
03-24-2012, 05:10 PM
I think you are on to something with the MACO.

I was testing Tyken's rift III against an odyssey with MACO and no skillpoints in Power Insulators, His power was dropping -9 or -8!

Its either that or Tyken's is broken, I doubt it as I tested against another cruiser with +54 Power Insulators and Aegis deflector a couple days ago and was draining +30 from each subsystem.

I have +99 and 1 console of flow capacitors.
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# 3
03-25-2012, 12:51 PM
Hypothesis #2: Does SPI affect weapon power draw, and if so, does it do so better than EPS consoles at low levels?

Experiment 3.0-3.4: Weapon power drain test
8 beams firing in sequence.
EPS consoles vs Power Insulator Skill
125/70 Weapon Power
99 Flow Capacitor Skill

Experiment #3.0: 0x EPS Flow Regulators - 0PT SPI
Experiment #3.1: 0x EPS with 2x Maco MX X set (+15 SPI)
Experiment #3.2: 0x EPS with 1x MK I SPI console (3.8 SPI)
Experiment #3.3: 1x EPS with 0pt SPI
Experiment #3.4: 2x EPS with 0pt SPI

Power of weapons after initial volley:
64 | 64 | 64 | 72 | 72

Power of weapons mid-cycle:
75 | 75 | 75 | 85 | 96

Time before next cycle that weapons restored to 125 power:
.25s | .25s | .25s | .75s | 1.5s

EPS flow consoles are good for you and low levels of SPI has no effect on weapon power draws.

I'll be checking for inverse power formulas with SPI conserning drain boats sometime later.
Hypothesis: If 15 SPI can severely reduce all drain effects on a ship, would having only 3.8 SPI make one completely immune, due to inverse power properties, or is the scaling for the SPI power wrong in the magnitude and rate of effectiveness in higher-end numbers?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 4
03-27-2012, 11:58 PM
Successfully submitted ticket ID #1,314,630.

Apologize about double posting, however, did some more testing on this, and I think it's a dual problem.
Also filed a bug report with thread and findings.

Experiment #4: Tactical on Advanced Escort
Target Subsystem 3, 176 Flow Capacitors (Tooltip shows -75 Drain)
Fleet Escort, 2x Flow Cap consoles MK XI Blue, 99 Skill, JHAS Deflector

Target, Advanced Escort, Borg Set with and without deflector equipped.
Target tested with 109/100 and 60/50 shield power.
Target tested with both 23pt SPI and 0pt SPI

Target Subsystem Shields 3
► Drains target from 109 to 81 with 23pt SPI, 109 to 72 with 0pt.
► Drains target from 60 to 32 with 23pt, 60 to 22 with 0pt SPI.

Something, somewhere, is broken.

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