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# 1 Advanced escort build advice
03-28-2012, 11:19 AM
Hi folks i was wondering if any of you would be willing to advise me on my advanced escort build. I have done a skill planner too (link below). I was also considering a captain re spec too and would ask for feedback on my skills also. I have tried to create my build around elite stf's to do the most dps possible and tank the borg, hopefully I have achieved this.

My equipment load out consists of:

Assimilated deflector array

Assimilated trans warp engines



x3 antiproton dual heavy cannons MXII
x1 quatum torpedo MXII

x2 antiproton beam array's/x2 antiproton turrets MXII
x1 cloaked tractor beam mines

Engineering consoles:
Monotanium alloy MXI blue
Graviton pulse generator

Science consoles:
Assimilated module
Field generator MXI blue
Emitter array MXI blue

Tactical consoles:
x2 antiproton mag regulator MXI/MXI blue
x2 zero point quantum chamber MXI blue

Thanks kindly for your input


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