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03-28-2012, 02:26 PM
my plea for plasma, made at least 4 times in hopes a dev will notice

i like what was done with poloran and tetryon weapons, getting their proc boosted by a science skill, and that proc also being countered by another skill, theoretically.

but... what about plasma? why didn't it get boosted by particle generators or something? the proc tool tip just sais it has a chance to deal a tiny pit of plasma damage, that fluctuated based on skill points, tactical consoles and weapons energy level. the energy weapons don't appear to cause a dot anymore as far as i know, their proc is just additional damage, applied strait to the hull?

tetryon can deal 250+ proc damage to shields after some flow cap specing, plasma deal something like 10-40 extra damage to... hull? what is it even doing anyway? shields have much fewer hitpoints then hull, so this looks kind of backward.

tetryon and plasma seem like they could be counterparts, tetryon dealing extra shield damage, plasma dealing extra hull damage. but plasma just feels unfinished right now, and without a skill buffing its proc, it basically doesn't have a proc. is this a work in progress or something that got missed?

it also doesn't help that the 4 most popular shields have built in resistance to it. can the borg's energy damage become its own unique type so those shields can be made to guard against it instead? currently they make a playable energy type, plasma, all but unusable.

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