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09-23-2011, 03:25 AM
it would be nice if we could filter out the 1pc "stacks" anomalies spammers. like "onyl show 10+ stacks" only show 20+ stacks and such. of some particles you cant even reach the 30pc stacks anymore cause first 400 slots are filled with 1pc-ers
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09-23-2011, 07:06 AM
Cryptic could learn from what is without question, the best MMO marketplace in all of videogaming...

I of course am speaking of the masterpiece of a market in EVE online (gasp! he dared speak of the "other" space-ship MMO!)...

While I've long since quit EVE, I have nothing but fond memories of its market and how it was perfect for both buyers and sellers. Domination of the market was impossible by spamming alts because the lists were so easily filtered by relevance to your interest and requirements. The field of sales of course was orders of magnitude larger, so you could put as many "single units" on the market as you liked, it would still show up as X quantity of units available for purchase at Y price point, next to other allotments of lesser and higher price and varrying quantities from all vendors.

Best of all, by far, was the ability to place buy orders... Preemptive orders, to buy materials you are interested in, whether you're there or not! Particularly when SELLERS can view the public buy orders available to see what people are eager to buy at, or price it as they want if they aren't seeing any good offers.

I can not possibly stress how valuable that is as a balance to abusive players spamming and distorting the markets. When players can just place orders for X units of Y material, it will make it so that no buyer is ever denied the ability to purchase materials or a seller be bullied out of a sale by EXPLOITERS and those flragrantly abusing the market because the developers arranged for their to be a modicum of honor-system in place... Which of course the exploiters have chosen to abuse at the expense of everyone else playing and wanting to buy/sell in a stable economy.

Temporarily, there should be a sale-cap reenstated, until an improved and stable market can supplant what currently does not work. I am not for lower caps being permanent, but a significant and immediate solution to this abuse and exploitation needs to be enacted for the benefit of all.

Let's be perfectly honest about the situation, we can not "trust" upon the honor of others to remain honorable, there is no honor amongst thieves, or in this case exploiters. As such, until a long-term solution in the form of a more robust market mechanism with filters and preferably buy-orders can be put in place, there needs to be drastic and effective controls and yes caps placed upon those who would otherwise exploit competition out of the market place to the detriment of the game and all who play it.
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09-23-2011, 03:30 PM
The exchange would benefit from an upgrade, WOW's AH system for example.
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10-04-2011, 08:47 AM
The community has been asking for this for a long time. Not sure if they are aware or care to fix the problem right now. Its starting to get bad when players flood the exchange with 1x sample and you notice the first 200 are from the same players.
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10-10-2011, 02:54 PM
It's clear they don't care.
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03-28-2012, 05:41 PM
I can understand the difficulty of revamping the Exchange, but I believe an important aspect of this game is its marketplace. Being able to view more than 400 items in the exchange (coupled with a lax time limit on unsold items... even something like 2 weeks would be ok by me) would greatly reduce the number of spammed junk items marked up at inflated prices.
I, for example, like to sell data anomalies by bulk... as in, I only tend to sell them off when I have an overflow 'full stack' of 250 units, and I try to price them fairly simply so some hapless buyer doesn't have to click 'Buy' 250 times lol!....
Recently, I returned to the game hoping (expecting?) that the 400 item viewable limit had been fixed, and to my surprise, it is still a crippling limitation to the Exchange's functionality. When I first checked the exchange to sell a stack of anomalies, imagine my surprise when roughly 380 of the 400 viewable slots were occupied by SINGLE units.... the only other ones were stacks of 2 to 5, of which these were all overpriced.
In an attempt to help 'consolidate' this obviously out-of-control item 'spam-stocking,' and in the hopes my stack of 250 would perhaps become viewable, I began 'spam-buying' (although I didn't need them, mind you) these single mats to hopefully make room enough to view larger stacks... I used my own energy credits to purchase a whole other stack of 250 of the same data type, and refreshed the Exchange... No improvement. In fact, it seemed that people were putting the mats up there, 1 at a time, faster than I could buy them, for there was nearly no discernible change in the 400 item listing. Roughly 380 more 'single unit' spots, and a few 2-5 unit stacks sprinkled in, still way overpriced.
I can understand fixing this problem is difficult, I appreciate everything the Devs do for the game and I know if it was easier it would have likely been fixed long ago. But this is a fix that is necessary, and not even for one specific type of item... This would silence anyone who wants to see more doffs, or better, lower priced items in stacks in general in the game... It would help those who are trying to keep the market stable by competitive pricing, and would reduce the occurrence of spammers who overprice the market, one item at a time. I am very much looking forward to a fix to increase the limit of viewable items in the near future.
Thank you!

P.S.: I apologize for the forum infraction on posting to a thread inactive for 30+ days, I just saw that in the forum guidelines.. I would delete this and move it to a more relevant forum but I'm not sure how...
Again my apologies for that, but I truly do feel this is an important issue that should be taken under consideration to improve the multiplayer commerce efficiency of the game, thanks again

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