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03-29-2012, 06:20 PM
I would say wait till 50. In fact I highly suggest playing at lv50 for a while, try different weapons, over, and pvp. Then once you have a solid concept of what u want out of ur ships, then respec.
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03-30-2012, 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by Cyell
Agreed... do NOT use that build.
/shrug it works for me in pvp and in pve so far. I like the tanking dps class myself in many games. In pvp i can take on 2 on 1 in my oddy with that spec going against a better geared/experienced Defiant retrofit and MVae till i targeted the mvae instead of the defiant. While i was taking out the defiant over and over i was living. So to me it worked out. Now the one slot isnt the same in that spec cause there isnt a flagship build option. When 2v2 oddy/mvae against my oddy/partners defiant refit we won with my oddy never droping. i had 0 batteries and no redmatter as well. So i would not post my build if it didnt work plus i gave something to look at if its something he likes use it if not someone else post their build. In elite STF i can sit back and protect or take out the objects without loosing the optional. but everyone has opinions /shrug

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