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03-30-2012, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by linyive
Wow! Defera is now on at 6:00 am est. When I return back to work next week, I will never-ever be able to play the damn thing again. Congrats Cryptic. Instead of turning it into a more occurring event, one at night and one during the day, you managed to crap on your fellow American consumers on the East Coast.

Cryptic is one of the dumbest companies to exist.

I just looked. This event is up only 14 times in the month of April and all of them are 4pm in the afternoon or before.

well, i normally play in the evenings on the east coast.. that means i will not be able play this event. I have only been able to hit it 3 times since it dropped becoause of the time gated nature of it. (didn't someone say something about not gating content?) . I really like the event. but at this point. forget it. I am not getting up at 6am on Sat. morning to kill borg. just put an mission unlock on the c-store or open it up much more already.

If a Dev makes content, but no one is able to play it, did he really make content?

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